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The departmental service of providing duplications of Prange Collection materials for researchers facilitates long-distance access to its holdings and satisfies the requests of visiting researchers.

Prange Collection staff makes duplications of Prange Collection original materials. Researchers may NOT make duplications of these materials on their own initiative. Requests will be handled as promptly as possible. It may be necessary to mail duplications to a researcher after the research visit has been completed.

To initiate an order, a researcher must first create a Special Collections Account.  Duplication requests are made directly from the user account. Contact us if you have any questions. Duplications will not be released until payment has been received. For fees and payment methods, see here.

Researchers are required to complete and sign a Notification of Intent to Publish Reproductions of Prange Materials, if duplications are acquired for publication or broadcast purposes. It is the user's obligation to determine if a particular use exceeds what is permissible under U.S. copyright law or, if applicable, under the copyright law of another country, and to assume full responsibility for any infringing use of materials.  If copy clearance is granted by the copy right holder, duplication restrictions may not apply.