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Data and Text Mining

The Libraries can facilitate access to datasets and text corpora for UMD researchers. We can help you:

  • Locate data sources
  • Negotiate for access, and, in some cases, purchase or license data
  • Find relevant literature and technologies for managing, analyzing, and visualizing data

Your subject specialist librarian can help you find and obtain access to data. Simply complete this short form to start the conversation.

While we'll make every effort to satisfy your request, some datasets and text corpora are very expensive or come with onerous terms and conditions. We will not be able to fulfill requests for datasets with:

  • Restrictive licenses (i.e requiring you to use the dataset on a stand-alone computer without network access under supervision)

However, in the event that we're unable to obtain the dataset or corpus that you request, we'll work with you to find alternatives or proxies that will enable you to conduct your research.