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Michael Driggers: "Printing Bernini: How Theatre Uses 3D Technology"


Date: Thursday, November 16th, 2:00p.m.

Location: Engineering and Physical Sciences Library, Math (Kirwan) Building

Michael Driggers, Assistant Technical Director at The Clarice, will describe how a scenic design project is a prime example of how technology and artistry can work together to recreate Bernini's "Daphne and Apollo." 3D technology is a new and exciting field that is rapidly becoming more accessible and easier to work with. The software used to scale and slice the statue is free and the materials used are readily accessible and inexpensive. But what makes this project really appealing, is how diverse the technique can be. By stacking thin layers of materials to create complex 3D shapes, you can basically recreate anything from statues to topography and everything in between. The end results can be worked and formed, and the resolution can easily be adjusted by varying the thickness of each slice. By using both subtractive and additive methods of 3D fabrication Driggers' team were able to produce much more than just a plastic prototype. 

The entire production department took an active role in the process and the collaboration of technology and craftsmanship throughout this experience created a truly unique and awesome piece of art.

Michael Driggers joined The Clarice as the Scene Shop Coordinator in 2013 and was then promoted to the Assistant Technical Director position. As the ATD, Michael generates construction drawings, oversees rigging installations and engineers automation for many of the productions here at The Clarice. Michael also enjoys tinkering with new drafting software and technology while creating new and interesting things with the CNC router. Michael recently earned his ETCP Theatre Rigging Certification.

Michael came to the area from Valdosta State University, where he was a faculty member and Technical Director. Previously, Michael has worked at the Santa Fe Opera, the Virginia Shakespeare Festival, Central Piedmont Summer Theatre and Peach State Summer Theatre.

The presentation is available on the UMD Libraries Twitter account.

Michael Driggers

Michael Driggers