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Media Lab Workshops

Did you know? You can request a specialized Media Production instruction workshop for your class.

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30 Second Video Essay: Intro to Adobe Premiere

  • The video essay is an emerging method for presenting critical analysis in academia.
  • This workshop pairs the diversity of experiences and skill levels within the classroom with a baseline for students of all levels to create a film essay.
  • Limited lecture time and increased the hands-on experience to enable the exploration of video editing, obtaining clips, and video essay mechanics.
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Films without Celluloid: Visual Literacy through Storyboarding

  • Creating a visual story, developing narrative logic and augmentation skills through pre-production work.
  • Interactive and engaging: uses Lev Kuleshov's teaching method as a base
  • Melds screenwriting techniques and pre-production processes, to enable students to create a dynamic narrative and apply it directly to their academics.
  • Participants create storyboards and use screenwriting techniques to make final long form stories.
  • Gives students take away tools for effectively planning out their shoot.

Every Frame a Critic: Storyboarding as an Analytical Tool

  • Explores scene analysis as a critical foundation: the ability to watch media, deconstruct a scene, and communicate the scene's meaning to an audience.
  • Uses pre-production methods to expose students to new ways of looking at scene analysis and escaping the trap of summation.
  • Draws on elements of screenwriting and shot composition
  • Enables students to look beyond the events that happen in media to gain a deeper understanding of filmmaking.
  • Participants learn elements of filmmaking and engage in structured scene analysis.

It's Always a Production Here: Intro to Video Capture

  • A 'how to' workshop on filmed interviews, this workshop introduces students to fundamental filmmaking practices, such as: three point lighting, framing the shot, and audio recording for film
  • Engages with interview skills, basic green screening, in tandem with filmmaking fundamentals.

FX of Video Production: Intro to Adobe After Effects

  • An extension of the 30 Second Video Essay, this workshop delves deeper into post-production.
  • Students learn how to link Adobe Premiere projects with After Effects projects, basic tools in After Effects, and color correction tools.

Invasion of the Pod(casting) People: Intro to Adobe Audition

  • A 'how to' workshop on podcasting production
  • Introduces students to audio mixing, editing, and recording.
  • Explores microphone polar patterns/directionality, best practices for audio recording, basic soundscaping, and sound board operation.
  • Students engage with Adobe Audition and practice mixing tracks.