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Resources for Remote Conference Attendance

Do you want to go to a professional conference this year, but can't make it in person? You may still be able to participate without traveling.

Start by checking for common alternatives like those listed below (availability will vary by conference). The linked examples are drawn from some important library conferences, but similar alternatives exist for other major conferences as well.

  • Virtual attendance: It will often require a registration fee, but one that is significantly less than paying for travel. For example, look at the ACRL virtual conference page that outlines information like presentation modes and registration fees.
  • Connect with social media: Follow the conference's hashtag on Twitter (such as #alaac15 or #sxsw), watch talks on YouTube, like and connect on Facebook or LinkedIn. The official social media pages can usually be found on the conference website, like the "Connect & Share" information on the 2015 ALA Annual Conference website.
  • Download the mobile app: The conference mobile app may have features that will still be helpful to someone not attending in person. Check out these tips from the 2014 ISTE conference to use and download their mobile app.
  • Attend virtually with a group of colleagues: Gather in a conference room and view the virtual conference content together to maintain some of the community feel and the opportunities for dialogue.

If you are asked to give a talk but can’t travel, you could use AdobeConnect to virtually present at the conference. The Division of IT's Learning Technology Services can support faculty members who would like to do that.