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NACWPI Score Collection: Abbreviations

By Term By Abbreviation
accordion accord accord accordion
adapted by adpt adpt adapted by
alto voice vce-alt arr. arranged by
alto clarinet cl-alt bsn bassoon
alto saxophone sax-alt bsn ctrbs contrabassoon
arranged by arr. bsst-cl-A basset clarinet in A
baritone voice vce-bari bsst hrn basset horn
baritone saxophone sax-bari c copyright
bass voice vce-bs cel celesta
bass clarinet cl-bs cl clarinet in B-flat
bass guitar gtr-bs cl-A clarinet in A
bass saxophone sax-bs cl-alt alto clarinet
basset clarinet in A bsst-cl-A cl-bs bass clarinet
basset horn bsst hrn cl-C clarinet in C
bassoon bsn cl-ctr-alt E-flat contra-alto clarinet
celesta cel cl-ctrbs contrabass clarinet
clarinet in A cl-A cl-ctrbs-Eb E-flat contrabass clarinet
clarinet in B-flat cl cl-Eb clarinet in E-flat
clarinet in C cl-C cl-sop soprano clarinet
clarinet in E-flat cl-Eb comp. compiled by
compiled by comp. db double bass
contrabass clarinet cl-ctrbs dnc dancer
contrabassoon bsn ctrbs drm-st drum set
copyright c dur duration
dancer dnc ed. edited by
double bass db elec electric
drum set drm-st eng hrn English horn
duration dur fl flute
E-flat contra-alto clarinet cl-ctr-alt gtr guitar
E-flat contrabass clarinet cl-ctrbs-Eb gtr-bs bass guitar
edited by ed. hpsd harpsichord
electric elec hrmca harmonica
English horn eng hrn hrn French horn
flute fl mdln mandolin
French horn hrn mrmba marimba
guitar gtr ms manuscript
harmonica hrmca ms copy manuscript reproduction
harpsichord hpsd narr narrator
mandolin mdln [nd] no date
manuscript ms ob oboe
manuscript reproduction ms copy opt optional
marimba mrmba orch orchestra
mezzo-soprano voice vce-mzo-sop org organ
narrator narr perc percussion
no date [nd] picc piccolo
oboe ob pno piano
optional opt pno red piano reduction by
orchestra orch prep pno prepared piano
organ org rec recorder
percussion perc rec-alt treble alto recorder
piano pno rev. revised by
piano reduction by pno red sax saxophone
piccolo picc sax-alt alto saxophone
prepared piano prep pno sax-bari baritone saxophone
recorder rec sax-bs bass saxophone
revised by rev. sax-sop soprano saxophone
saxophone sax sax-ten tenor saxophone
soprano clarinet cl-sop str orch string orchestra
soprano saxophone sax-sop timp timpani
soprano voice vce-sop tpt trumpet
string orchestra str orch trans transcribed by
tenor saxophone sax-ten trb trombone
tenor voice vce-ten tri triangle
timpani timp vcl violoncello
transcribed by trans vce voice
treble alto recorder rec-alt vce-alt alto voice
triangle tri vce-bari baritone voice
trombone trb vce-bs bass voice
trumpet tpt vce-mzo-sop mezzo-soprano voice
vibraphone vibra vce-sop soprano voice
viola vla vce-ten tenor voice
violin vln vibra vibraphone
violoncello vcl vla viola
voice vce vln violin
xylophone xylo xylo xylophone

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Lists are in alphabetical order by the surnames of composers or arrangers. Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians is the authority for names.

A  Ba-Bae  Bag-Beh  Bel-Bjo  Bla-Bra  Bri-By  Ca-Cho  Chr-Com  Con-Cyt   D-Dek  Del-Dvo  E   Fa-Fox   Fra-Fun   Ga-Golden  Goldman-Gwi  Ha-Haw  Hay-Hi  Ho-Hy I  J  K  La-Lei  Len-Ly  Mac-Maz  Mc-Mit  Moe-Moy  Moz  Muc-Myz   Na-Ne  Nib-Nov   O  Pac-Pay  Pe-Ph   Pi-Pz   Q  Ra-Re  Ri-Ry   Sa-Sche  Schi-Schmu  Scho-Schu  Schw-Sko  Sma-Ss  St-Sz  T  U  V  Wa-We   Wh-Wy  XYZ

Entry Format

  • Composer/arranger name
  • Title as it appears on the cover or first page of the score
  • Imprint information for published scores
  • Instrumentation (abbreviations)
  • Collation
  • Additional information where needed (e.g., arrangers, transcribers, editors, duration, donors)
  • Inventory number (call number) for each score

Note: Include elements listed here in bold when ordering scores.