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Contemporary Music Project

About CMP

The Contemporary Music Project (CMP) spanned a fourteen-year period from 1959 to 1973. The Young Composers Project (YCP), the result of a proposal made by Norman Dello Joio in 1957, marked its genesis. Initiated in 1959, the project was funded by the Ford Foundation and administered by the National Music Council. Mr. Dello Joio served as director and chairman of the Project Policy Committee.

In 1962 the YCP was elevated in status from a pilot program to one of the ten major programs of the Ford Foundation. In 1964, the YCP became the Contemporary Music Project for Creativity in Music Education (CMP). Under this new title, the project was expanded to include seminars and workshops at major universities focusing on the teaching of comprehensive musicianship, and pilot projects focused on the musical creativity of young students. Music Educators National Conference (MENC) supplemented a continuing grant from the Ford Foundation and administered such Project activities as the CMP Library and the founding of Institutes for Creativity in Music Education. The Project also awarded grants to university teachers to develop comprehensive musicianship curricula.

In 1968 the Ford Foundation gave MENC a grant to administer the CMP for an additional five years. From 1968-1973 the CMP consisted of three programs: Professionals-in-Residence to Communities (formerly YCP), the Teaching of Comprehensive Musicianship, and Complementary Activities. The dual function of sponsoring musicians and the teaching of musicianship was continued by CMP until its termination in 1973.

The CMP Archives have been housed in the MENC Historical Center at the University of Maryland since the conclusion of the project in June 1973.

Policy for BORROWING or VIEWING scores

1. Who may borrow: Borrowers must hold current USMAI library cards or register with SCPA.
2. Three set limit: Three sets may be lent to a single borrower at any one time.
3. How to request: Print and use the form Request to Borrow Scores.
4. We will inform you of the availability of the scores you select and of total postage and handling fees for your order.
5. Length of loan: Sets are lent for two months; one two-month renewal is allowed, if needed.
6. Costs: if you collect your scores in person, there is no charge. If we ship the scores, the cost is the shipping charge plus a $15 per order handling fee (up to three scores per order), paid in advance via a check or money order made out to 'University of Maryland' and sent to: 

CMP ArchivesMichelle Smith Performing Arts Library/SCPA
University of Maryland
2511 Clarice Smith Performing Arts LibraryCollege Park, MD 20742

7. Examining scores: We examine all scores before lending them, and a list of parts for each set is included in each package of scores we lend. Borrowers should examine each set upon receipt and must notify us immediately if any damage or discrepancy exists.
8. Acknowledging the University of Maryland: Should you perform CMP Archives pieces publicly, we would appreciate your acknowledging us this way in any printed program you produce:
[Composer name and Title of piece] lent by the Contemporary Music Project Archives at the University of Maryland Libraries.
9. Returning scores: CMP Archives Scores must be returned without markings, in complete sets. Mailed sets must be suitably wrapped and secured for mailing and insured for $300 per set. Borrowers assume all costs for returning scores. A minimum $100.00 replacement fee will be charged to the borrower for any lost or damaged part. Further borrowing privileges will be denied to any person or organization with outstanding fees.
10. Returning scores in person: Only the staff of the Lowens Room in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, available 10-5, Monday – Friday, may accept returns of CMP Archives Scores. Consult this Web page for exceptions to this schedule:
Return scores by UPS or First Class Mail to:

CMP ArchivesMichelle Smith Performing Arts Library/SCPA 2511 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Library University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742

11. When you return scores, please include two copies of any printed program listing a CMP Archives Score.

Copyright: All CMP Archives Scores are protected by international copyright. Copying CMP Archives Scores by any means is unlawful and strictly forbidden. Borrowing privileges will be withdrawn from any person or group found to disregard this statement.