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Guide to Shipping Papers Records to SCPA

Please use corrugated cardboard boxes that are clean, structurally sound, and minimally marked (beyond any helpful identifying information). Dirty or damaged boxes will place the contents at risk. Do not ship records in any form of plastic containers or tubs, as they are easily damaged. Limit the weight of individual boxes to no more than 40 pounds. Include some form of padding (bubble-wrap is preferred) to fill any voids or extra space. Avoid crumpled-up newspaper as the ink stains the other documents in the box. 

Be certain to include a Transfer of Documents form in each box identifying the records, as well as their function and creator. Whenever possible or convenient, please include an inventory.

UPS is the recommended carrier as SCPA has a daily drop-off. If necessary, FedEx is also an option.

Please contact us with any questions