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Research and Academic Services Division Vision

The Research and Academic Services Division (RAS) will create an environment within the University of Maryland Libraries and on campus that fosters teaching, research, and scholarship. As a result of our work, the Libraries will be in greater accord with the general mission of the University and will facilitate the following four critical activities.

RAS will be more deeply integrated with the teaching, research, and scholarship of the University's students, faculty, and staff. We will provide enhanced library and research instruction, state of the art access to scholarly and other information resources, and we will manage and develop our collections in a manner that is in line with the current and future needs of our users.

RAS will keep abreast of developments within librarianship and relevant fields. We will adopt best practices to provide the highest quality services to our users.

RAS will make use of the most appropriate technologies to best serve our users and to execute library operations. We will take advantage of technological developments to maximize efficiencies and to fulfill the Libraries' and the University's strategic goals.

RAS will establish new and enhance existing consortium, collaborative, and cooperative relationships with other library and University units and with libraries and institutions off campus to support the work of our users and the wider scholarly community.