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Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Off-Site Storage (MARCOSS)
April 10, 2018
McKeldin Library, University of Maryland Libraries, College Park, MD

The University of Maryland College Park Libraries was pleased to host MARCOSS (Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Off-Site Storage), a one-day conference for those who work in or with library off-site storage facilities in the mid-Atlantic region. This conference took place at the McKeldin Library at the University of Maryland College Park. 

Traditional library concerns like access, preservation, systems, and collections are different in off-site storage than at the circulating libraries they support. MARCOSS gave participants the opportunity to develop a network among off-site storage library professionals in the mid-Atlantic region and learn about the work their colleagues do at their off-site storage facilities. Topics that the sessions addressed included:

•    Collections
•    Error reduction/lost items
•    Preservation
•    Shelving methods
•    Space/planning
•    Special collections/university archives
•    Systems

You can view the presentaions deposited by the presenters in DRUM (Digital Repository at the University of Maryland) following the conference. 

If you are interested in future conferences, please contact us at