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The Donors
     Biography of S. L. Shneiderman
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     Professional Resume
     Eileen Shneiderman's description of the collection
         Yiddish poem by Papiernikov
     S. L. S.'s English Articles
         Yiddish in the U.S.S.R.
         A Handwritten Note from Marc Chagall
     An S. L. poem (Kazimierz)
     Film: The Last Chapter
     Poem and Lithograph: Elegy for My Shtetl
     Eileen Shneiderman's book on SLS:
         What Time is it on the Jewish Clock?
         Introduction: Decades Together
         SLS Memoir: Notes for an Autobiography
     SLS Archive at Tel Aviv University
         Opening announcement and thematic table of contents
         Box and folder list
    English and Yiddish Books
         The River Remembers
         Between Fear and Hope
         The Warsaw Heresy
         Warsaw Ghetto: A Diary by Mary Berg
         My Story: Gemma LaGuardia Gluck
         Fiorello's Sister: Gemma LaGuardia Gluck's Story
         Goldene Feigel
         Feiren in Shtodt
         Krieg in Spanien
         Zwishn Shrek un Hofnung
         Wen di Weisl hot Geredt Yiddish
         Arthur Szyk
         Ilya Ehrenburg
     Personal Accounts
         by their son, Ben Shneiderman
         by their granddaughter, Anna Shneiderman

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