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Featured Books

Welcome to the Featured Books page, where 5 or so books from the collection are set aside and showcased here. When choosing these books, we consider the general interest of their content, the historical significance of both their authors and the impact of the books themselves, their rareness or accessibility, and, at times, simply extraordinary visual appeal.

NOTE: All transliterations of titles and authors' names are spelled as they appear in the UMD Libraries' database so that you may reference them more easily.When the transliterations of the titles or authors listed here differs from the spelling most commonly used, the more common spelling appears in [brackets]. Some of the books have an English title page in addition to a Yiddish one. These pages often contain a whole or partial translation of the title, or sometimes just a brief description of the book's content, such as "Literary Essays". In cases when the translation is complete, it is provided in (parentheses) after the transliteration. When a translation is incomplete or merely a descriptor, it appears italicized within (parentheses).


 Poetishe Verk (Vol. 1 & 2)
Author: Avraham Sutskever
Place and date of publication: Tel-Aviv, 1963
UMD call #: Rare BK PJ 5129.S86 A6 1963 Vol. 1 & 2
Inscription by: Sutskever

Prost un Poshet: Literarishe Eseven (Literary Essays)

Yakov Glatshtayn [Jacob Glatstein]
Place and date of publication: New York, 1978
UMD call #: Rare BK PJ 5120.5.G662 1978
Inscription by: Glatshtayn [Glatstein]

Iker Shkhakhti Lider un Poemes fun di Yor 1954-1969

Melekh Ravitsh
Place and date of publication: Montreal, 1969
UMD call #: Rare BK PJ 5129.R35 I4
Inscription by: Ravitsh

Lider tsum Eybikn

H. Leivick
Place and date of publication: New York, 1959
UMD call #: Mck PJ 5129.L4 L55
Inscription by: N/A

Frukht fun Vint

Y. Papiernikov [Yosef Papiernikov]
Place and date of publication: Johannesburg, 1952
UMD call #: Mck PJ 5129.P317 F78
Inscription by:  Papiernikov

Artur Shik [Artur Szyk]
Author: Sh. L. Shnayderman

[S. L. Shneiderman]
Place and date of publication: Israel, 1980
UMD call #: Mck PJ 5129.S74 W45 1961
Inscription by: N/A