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The Collection

About the Collection

The 395 books of the collection are located in McKeldin Library, University of Maryland College Park.The books bear publication dates from across this century—1910 until 1996—and publishers from across the world—Los Angeles to Jerusalem, Mexico City to Johannesburg, Buenos Aires to Warsaw, Montreal to Copenhagen, Washington D.C. to Paris, and most published in New York and Tel-Aviv. The Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies issued a press release upon the books' acceptance that includes the story surrounding the acquisition of the books and also a bit about Yiddish literature in general as we move in to the 21st century. To the left is an image of the bookplate that appears in all the books of the collection. The scene is Kazimierz, Poland, S. L. Shneiderman's birthplace.

Featured Books

Books have been selected for their historical relevance, author, rareness, or general interest. View their covers, inscriptions, illustrations, as well as brief excerpts. Also provided are resources for scholarly study, such as background information on the books and their authors, and unusual facets and lesser known perspectives surrounding the works.


Translations (Coming in the future)

In addition to providing a showcase for the Shneiderman Collection and a resource for Yiddish literature, this site also cares to provide educational tools for those students, of all ages, in the process of learning Yiddish and applying that knowledge to the literature. For the passionate reader but poor linguist, and for the student trying to learn the language, provided are side-by-side English translations of selected works.


Inscriptions (Coming in the future)

Nearly half of the books in the collection bear dedications to S. L. Shneiderman, dedications penned by prominent writers throughout the world.The authors and their dedications are referenced here. There are background stories provided for several of the most noteworthy inscriptions, as well as english translations.