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Books in English: Between Fear and Hope

by S. L. Shneiderman

    Between Fear and Hope
    by S. L. Shneiderman
    ©1947 by S. L. Shneiderman
    Arco Publishing Co.
    480 Lexington Ave
    New York 17, NY

From the book jacket: "Here for the first time is the full, unvarnished truth about one of the major trouble spots on the earth. The borders of Poland are the giant hinges upon which Germany and Russia swung into the last world war. And now the inner strength (or weakness) of Poland is again shaping up as the condition on which the peace of Europe -- and inevitably of America -- depends."

But this inside report is more than one of the most informative and unbiased books on Poland today. It is also the moving, personal story of a topnotch correspondent who went back to his native land after a ten-year absence.

"brisk reportorial style"