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Samuel L. Shneiderman, June 15, 1906 - October 8, 1996

(Professional ResumeBiography in Yiddish)

S. L. Shneiderman was born in Kazimierz, Poland, and educated at Warsaw University. In   1931 he became the Paris correspondent for a group of Jewish dailies in Poland. He then covered the Spanish Civil War, about which he wrote a two-volume account.

In 1940 Mr. Shneiderman came to the United States and acquired American citizenship in 1949. He edited the first chronicle of life and death in the Warsaw Ghetto, The Diary of Mary Berg, as well as the war memoirs of Gemma LaGuardia Gluck, sister of New York City's Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.

Mr. Shneiderman's books Between Fear and Hope and The Warsaw Heresy were acclaimed as major contributions to the understanding of the turbulent events in Communist Poland. His documentary film "The Last Chapter" was hailed by The New York Times as "the most graphic and eloquent recollection of the thousand-year history of Poland's Jews."

Mr. Shneiderman was a regular contributor to the Jewish Daily Forward in New York and to Yiddish dailies throughout the world. His writings appeared in Midstream (New York), L'Arche (Paris), and Al Hamishmar (Tel Aviv). Past president of the Yiddish P.E.N., Mr. Shneiderman lived in New York.

Family History:
Son of Abraham and Chana (Mandelbaum) Sznajderman; March 25, 1933 married Eileen (Hala) Szymin, born March 15, 1908 (daughter of an pioneering publisher of Jewish and Hebrew books in Warsaw), and went to live in Paris; came to the United States in 1940, naturalized citizen, 1949. Moved to Ramat Aviv, Israel, 1994. Died October 8, 1996.

Children: Helen Shneiderman Sarid (1937- ), married Haim Sarid, 1965, Ramat Aviv, Israel (teaches English at Tel Aviv University), sons Yechiel, Daniel, Ariel; Ben Shneiderman (1947- ), Washington, DC (Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland), daughters Sara and Anna.

Home: 5 Lachower Street, Ramat Aviv, Israel, +972-3-641- 1576, and 280 Ninth Avenue (15D), of New York, NY 10001.