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Commercial Television

Mass Media & Culture holds a vast number of collections and resources relating to the history of commercial television in the United States. These resources include the papers of organizations and individuals, as well as photographs, scripts , books, pamphlets, magazines, and oral history interviews.

More subject guidesSignificant Collections:

American Women in Radio and Television

Arch Campbell Papers

Robert L. Coe Papers

Gertrude Entenmann Papers

Arthur Godfrey Collection

Lee Lawrence Papers

Inga Rundvold Papers

Television and Radio Station Files

The Wisdom Papers

WNET Collection

More Collections in Commercial Television:

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Dick Bertel Papers

Rudy Bretz Papers

Tom Buckley Papers

Deena Clark Papers

James Duffy Papers

Joseph Flaherty Papers

It’s Academic

Gene Jankowski Papers

National Association of Broadcasters

Tom O’ Connor Papers

Shirley Robson Papers

Television Information Office

David Weinstein Papers

Earl Wrightson/Lois Hunt Papers

WUSA Collection

Other Resources: