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Visual and Audio Materials

This list provides a description of the visual and audio materials that are not available when searching the Libraries' online catalog or archival and manuscript collection database. Use the links below to begin your search or contact us for more information.

We encourage you to include a search of the catalog and ArchivesUM to conduct a thorough search of our visual and audio materials.


BNA Reporters
  • News American (Baltimore, Maryland)
    The photographic archives of a Baltimore newspaper which went by many names, most prominently the News American. This newspaper documented many aspects of Marylanders' lives, but also covered national and world topics.
  • University of Maryland
    Approximately 500,000 images depicting all aspects of campus life.  Included are shots of campus landscape and architecture, sports and other events, student life, and individual and group portraits.  Images that have been digitized appear in University AlbUM.
  • Broadcasting History Photographs
    Mass Media & Culture has several major photograph collections illustrating all aspects of radio and television broadcasting.


  • National Trust Postcard Collection
    Contains over 18,500 images, the majority originating from 3,185 identified locations in the United States and dating from the period 1900 to 1920. The current collection contains postcards from foreign countries, as well as the United States. Access to the digital collection found here.
  • Institute of American Deltiology Postcard Collection
    Estimated to contain over one million postcards. Its holdings include postcards depicting various subjects and locations of North America. Only a portion of this collection has been received by the Special Collections at the University of Maryland at this time. Contact us for more information about our holdings.


  • Maryland Map Collection
    This collection is primarily maps of the State of Maryland and its regions, although it does include regional maps of the surrounding states, the University and the world.
  • Sanborn Maps
    Historic Sanborn Maps provide us with a detailed understanding of the physical make up of these cities and towns, and give us insight into the existing social, political, and economic conditions in specific places and times.
  • University of Maryland Maps
    Maps of the campus over time, dating from the late nineteenth century to the present.  A number of the maps have been digitized and placed in University AlbUM. Type "map" into the search bar for easy access.

Audio Recordings

  • Mass Media and Culture
    Thousands of recordings on a variety of media formats. Collections include oral histories, interviews, speeches, programming, commercials, news and other special events.
  • University Archives
    Several collections of oral history interviews of faculty, administrators, and alumni, as well as recordings from the campus radio station, WMUC, and some coverage of UM Athletics. 

Films and Video

  • University AlbUM
    University AlbUM contains approximately 800 reels of digitized historical Terrapin football films, dating from 1946 to 1980. Games represented on the site include the first game in Byrd Stadium in September 1950, the Queen's Game in 1957, and various bowl games in which the Terps have participated. Type "film" into the search bar for easy access.
  • Films@UM
    Approximately 10,000 to 20,000 additional pieces of film and videotape, including the digitized football films in University AlbUM.  Many of these moving images relate to University of Maryland athletics, but the collection also includes interviews with faculty, promotional pieces for the university, and coverage of major campus event and speakers who have appeared on campus.
  • Library Media Services Collections
    This collection contains over 25,000 items on DVD, VHS, and older formats including 16mm film and U-Matic. Films may be viewed in-house during our open hours. Faculty and staff may borrow items to show outside the library for instruction purposes, generally for 2-3 days.