Today: McKeldin 02:00PM - 10:00PM


Need help with research for ENGL101 assignments? We've got you covered. 

Join the Teaching & Learning Librarians for a series of ENGL101 Research Workshops! These workshops are designed to help with assignments like the argument of inquiry, digital forum, and position paper. Each workshop will start with a brief overview of a particular research skill. The majority of the workshop will be devoted to giving you time to work on your ENGL101 assignments while a friendly librarian is on hand to answer your questions! 

Can't make it to a workshop? You are always welcome to visit us for one-on-one research help! Please contact us at to schedule an appointment. 

Spring 2017 Workshops

Finding and Evaluating Sources

When: Tuesday, February 14th @ 5pm 

Evaluating Sources Worksheet

Reading an Academic Article 

When: Tuesday, February 21st @ 5pm

Midterm Check-In

When: Tuesday, March 7th @ 5pm 

Identifying Stakeholders

When: Tuesday, March 28th @ 5pm

Identifying Stakeholders Worksheet

Pulling it All Together: Integrating and Citing Sources

When: Tuesday, April 18th @ 5pm

MLA Citation Worksheet

Pulling it All Together: Integrating and Citing Source for International Students

When: Wednesday, April 19th @ 2pm

Where: McKeldin Library, Room 6103

MLA Citation Worksheet

Finals Countdown

When: Tuesday, May 2nd @ 5pm-6pm


All workshops will take place in McKeldin Library, Room 2113 (2nd floor), and will last approximately 30 minutes, unless otherwise stated. 



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