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Made in the MakerSpace


3D print of bench with Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog

Jim Henson & Kermit

The Model of the Jim Henson & Kermit statue was created using hundreds of 2D photos that were meshed together using special software. Preparing the model for 3D printing involved three separate software programs over 100 hours.

Print Time: 20 hours

Created: May 2015

Model By: Preston Tobery

3D print of a helmet

Football Helmet

The 3D printed football helmet model was found online and prepared for printing in Meshmixer software. The pieces were printed separately and put together using glue. The Terps logo was created using the Vinyl Cutter.

Print Time: 120 hours

Created: June 2017

3D print of the Maryland Flag

Maryland Flag

This model was created using a new piece of equipment in the MakerSpace. The Mosaic Pallette+ is a machine that can take up to 4 filaments and splice/melt together so that we can print multiple colors.

Print Time: 5 hours

Created: October 2017

3D printed prosthetic arm

Prosthetic Arm

Over the span of 8 months, Preston Tobery worked with his friend Charles Talbert to create a prosthetic arm. A plaster cast of Charles' arm was created and 3D scanned. This allowed the creation of a custom fitted sleeve for better comfort. The arm models were both found on e-nable's website and custom created by Preston. 

Print Time: 54 hours

Created: March 2016

Model By: Preston Tobery

3D printed brain

Brains for Kids

Working closely with the Neurocognitive Development Lab, the children have MRIs completed of their brains. We then take the MRI data and create a 3D printable model. The goal of their research is to learn more about how cognitive abilities, such as memory, develop in infants and children. Each child goes home with their very own brain!

Print Time: 18 hours

Created: June '17 - June '18

3D print of the Testudo statue

Testudo Statue

This model was created using the 3D System Sense handheld 3D scanner to scan the well known Testudo statue located at McKeldin library. This scanner is actually available for loan from the MakerSpace!

Scan Time: 30 minutes

Print Time: 4 hours

Created: 2013