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End 24 Hours at 8pm

Tryables Program

Let us provide you the ability to both try and reflect on technologies you may not have been aware of or have access to!

All our technology is barcoded and ready to be checked out on request:


Current Showcase: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Two sides of the same coin, virtual and augmented reality are fast developing technologies that we are already seeing in our everyday lives.

The attempt to create virtual worlds and place us in them while trying to emulate our actions as closely as possible to the real world. This is achieved with a high resolution tracking headset with a full range of motion and controllers that allow you to manipulate virtual environments with the same dexterity as your own hands.  

Learn more about virtual reality and how the current technologies work with the Oculus Rift & Touch Controller on display to try during our hours, and loan either as a kit that includes a gaming laptop to run it, or independently to hook up to your own computer (must meet minimum specs). 


Augmented reality uses much of the same principles as virtual reality but instead tries to place the virtual world into our real world either by using our phones or transparent headsets.

Learn more about augmented reality and how the current technologies work with the Microsoft Hololens headset and the Google Tango phone on display to try in the MakerSpace and available for loan.

Microsoft Hololens by Virtual Studio on Sketchfab