The Great Fire, Maryland Agriculture College, 1912

The Baltimore Sun, December 6, 1912

The Baltimore Sun, December 6, 1912
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Discuss Plans For Restoration Of Burnt Buildings.

College Park, Md., Dec. 5. — A meeting of the executive committee of the alumni association and many members of that body was held this afternoon at the Maryland Agricultural College for the purpose of determining the best course to be pursued in reorganizing the college after the disastrous fire of a few days ago. It was the consensus of opinion that a greater institution would rise from the ruins. There was some sentiment favorable to the abolishment of the dormitory system, but the idea that the college should have buildings in which to house the students prevailed.

One thing upon which practically everybody agreed was that the military system should be eliminated to a large extent. It was held that the discipline in the past had been too rigorous and that it would be best to cut military exercises to three drills a week. It was also generally agreed that the plan of the buildings should be along the lines of the colony system, with several small buildings instead of one large one. Resolutions assuring Dr. R.W. Silvester, who resigned the presidency of the college because of ill health, of the regret of the association and its appreciation of the work done during his 20 years' connection with the college were adopted.

Henry Holzapfel, Jr., of Hagerstown, Md., president of the alumni association, who is also a member of the board of trustees, presided at the meeting and later made an address before the student body. He assured the students that it was the intention of the trustees to give them better accommodations than those they had lost.

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