The Great Fire, Maryland Agriculture College, 1912

The Washington Post, December 2, 1912

The Washington Post, December 2, 1912
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Students' Property Saved From Fire Is Stolen by Strangers.

College Park, Md., Dec. 1. — Many hundred people today visited the scene of the destructive fire at the Maryland Agricultural College late Friday night. Among the visitors were members of the Alumni Association, whose eyes became moist as they looked upon the desolate scene. The treasurer of the college, Herschel Ford, returned late last night, and at once proceeded to arrange for temporary quarters for President Silvester and himself. For the present the sanitarium will be used for the administration offices.

A committee, composed of Profs. W.T.L. Taliaferro, F.B. Bomberger, H.T. Harrison, Ernest Coby, J.B.S. Norton, A.B. Gahan, and H.S. Beckenstrater, has been busy today locating the students in private houses in the neighborhood. About 50 of the students will be accommodated in Hyattsville.

A distressing result of the conflagration is the discovery that considerable looting took place during or immediately after the fire. The officials of the college state that strangers attracted to the fire made away with the articles. These goods, the property of the students, which had been carried out, for the most part, were taken from obscure parts of the premises not under patrol.

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