Every exciting project must have an "idea man" or "woman," and credit for MAC to Millennium: The University of Maryland A to Z goes to Herbert J. Hartnett, Assistant to the Director for Communications Projects, Office of University Relations. Herb's persistent emphasis on identifying our traditions is truly the seed from which this publication has sprung.

However, this recounting of Terrapin traditions and other fun facts would not have come to fruition without the assistance of Michelle DeMartino, Tamar Galed, and Patricia Rettig, all 1998 graduates of the College of Library and Information Services and graduate assistants in the University Archives. These expert researchers scoured the entire university landscape, uncovering countless ceremonial plaques, odd facts, and other wonders and compiled this information. Without them, MAC to Millennium would never have ripened into the rich collection of campus lore we present to you.

My deepest thanks to Herb, Michelle, Tamar, and Patty. Because of their ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and seemingly endless research, the legend of Testudo lives on, and our campus history remains vibrant.

I must also gratefully acknowledge the contributions of James Fort, David Smolen, and Jennifer Gunter, students in LBSC 708G during the spring 1999 semester. Without all of their work, this compilation would never have debuted on the Internet, accompanied by all the illustrations which greatly enhance the already exciting text. I am pleased that we are able, through their efforts, to make MAC to Millennium available to a much broader audience.

The expansion of MAC to Millennium has continued under the care and attention of University Archives graduate assistants Jennifer Evans and Alida Friedrich. Both Jennifer and Alida have ferreted out additional facts for inclusion in this compilation and patiently added all those bits of information that keeping popping up.

I am also deeply indebted to Jennie Levine, assistant curator of historical manuscripts, who tackled the re-design of this site in November 2001. Jennie has made MAC to Millennium much more visually appealing and easier to navigate, changes that all visitors to the site will greatly appreciate.

MAC to Millennium continues to grow and evolve with the help of many dedicated individuals. I hope you will enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Anne S. K. Turkos
University Archivist
November 5, 2001