List of Class Gifts

(Including Some Reunion Gifts)

1910 (Dedicated in 1941) Memorial Gateway by Rossborough Inn
1923 $290.70 given to the library to buy a set of the 1921 edition of the American and two modern etchings by Jourdoins
1929 (Presented in 1931) Painting of Sir Galahad for the new library
1931 A sun dial, residing (as of 1965) in Rossborough Inn
1932 An oil painting of Joan of Arc (in University Archives as of 2003)
1933 A bronze Testudo, originally perched on a pedestal in front of Ritchie Coliseum, now in front of McKeldin Library ($540.80)
1934 Memorial flagpole, 80 feet tall, in front of the library, the Shoemaker Building ($75)
1935 $100 worth of books given to the library in Shoemaker
1936-1939 Westminster Chimes in the tower of the Arts and Science Building (H. J. Patterson building) ($803.05)
1940 $225 was budgeted, but never spent; 50th anniversary was recognized with a library fund endowment
1941 $249.50 was budgeted, but never spent
1943 $250 to help furnish the new chapel
1948 $650 spent on books for the library and furnishings for the new Student Union
1951 $600 for the University Scholarship Fund; $343.91 put in trust with the Alumni office; Brass pieces for the Memorial Chapel, including altarpieces, candelabra and candlesticks, bookstands, and vases
1956 $500 given to the University Theater for its improvement and betterment
1962 $3,500 for new library books
1963 $2,864 worth of books to the library
1964 $3,248 to move Testudo from Byrd Stadium to the walk in front of McKeldin Library and to buy books for the library
1965 Sundial now located in center of Mckeldin Mall; a joint gift with the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the friends of Professor Uco Van Wijk ($1,500); renovated with donations from the class of 1990
1966 $5,580 pledged toward a scholarship fund or toward constructing a solid concrete gate at the Denton Complex entrance to campus
1967 Tradition of class gifts waned until 1985, due to the elimination of class officers
1984 Plaque in honor of Dr. Raymond A. Pearson was given by the class of 1934 for their 50th reunion
1985 A carved university seal, hanging behind the information desk of Stamp Student Union
1986 & 1987 Lights around the M in the traffic circle
1990 Donation of $10,000-$15,000 for work on the sundial area of McKeldin Mall
1991 Hornbake Mall college banners and a multicultural book endowment for Hornbake Library
1992 Restoration of the chapel chimes and clock face
1993 Campus welcome sign at the intersection of Metzerott and Adelphi Roads
1994 Originally, funds for the construction of a garden behind McKeldin Library to feature flowers and plants indigenous to the state of Maryland; the 1994 class gift was redirected in 2003 to support the construction of the Jim Henson Statue and Memorial Garden in front of the Stamp Student Union, dedicated on September 24, 2003
1995 Funds for the continued renovation of the North Gate entrance to the university, including a bronze seal six feet in diameter, additional plantings, and lights
1996 Fountain to be placed in the center of the traffic circle at the West Gate entrance off Stadium Drive
1997 Commemorative brick courtyard on west side of Memorial Chapel, formed with bricks bearing the names of Class of '97 graduates
1998 Bronze statue of Kermit the Frog perched on the knee of creator and Maryland alumnus Jim Henson, to be placed near Stamp Student Union, along with a tree dedicated to departing campus president William Kirwan
1999 Henson Garden, surrounding the statue of Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog, at the corner of Library Lane and Campus Drive.
2000 Clock, free-standing, outside of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union
2001 Relocation and refurbishment of the statue of Testudo that is presently in Cole Field House; he will be moved to the Comcast Center.
2002 Terrapin Gardens near Memorial Chapel; the class contribution to the chapel gardens is marked with a plaque listing highlights from the class's senior year
2003 Official University of Maryland seal to hang in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
2004 Terrapin topiary
2005 Custom-designed wall mount clock bearing the University of MD globe logo, presented in the Stamp Student Union Food Court and a senior picturemosaic, made up of pictures of graduating seniors, to be displayed near the Prince George's Room.
2006 Landscaping for an "M" traffic circle near Lot 1 and the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
2007 Northgate Park at the entry of campus just north of the U.S. Route 1 Bridge crossing Paint Branch. The gift will contribute to a gateway, a meadow, an environmental educational walkway, and an orchard.
2008 Class of 2008 Lounge in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union.  The Union's southeast interior bricked hallway will be enhancd with flat-screen televsions, comfortable seating, tables, and artwork representing the Class of 2008.
2009 Beginning of the aboretum at Morrill Hall.