Commencement Speakers

July 11, 1862  Dr. Pinkney spoke at commencement. William B. Sands and Thomas Franklin were the first two MAC students to receive their degrees.
June 26, 1863  Rev. B. B. Griswold
1864  [4 graduates, no commencement excercises?]
1865  [no graduates ?]
1866  [at least 3 graduates, no commencement excercises?]
1867  [at least 1 graduate, no commencement excercises?]
1868  [no graduates?]
1869  [no graduates?]
1870  [no graduates?]
June 22, 1871  One graduate.  Students read addresses
1872  [no graduates?]
June 26, 1873  [addresses appear to be by students only]
June 25, 1874  [addresses appear to be by students only]
June 24, 1875  General Samuel Jones, President, Maryland Agricultural College
June 27, 1876  Z. B. Vance, Former Governor of North Carolina 
John Lee Carroll, Governor of Maryland
June 26, 1877  John Lee Carroll, Governor of Maryland
Honorable A. B. Hagner
June 25, 1878  Col. T. M. Jones, Military Professor
Honorable Eli J. Henkle
June 24, 1879  J. Barron Hope, Norfolk, VA
June 29, 1880  Mayor F. C. Latrobe of Baltimore
June 28, 1881  Honorable William T. Hamilton, Governor of Maryland
June 27, 1882  At least one graduate, speaker not identified
June 28, 1883  J. D. Warfield, Professor of English Literature and Agriculture, Maryland Agricultural College. W.A. Kirby, K.E. Raply, and R.B.B. Chew comprised the graduating class.
June 20, 1884  President Augustine J. Smith. William A. Lakin and Frank Martin received their degrees.
1885  [no graduates?]
June 17, 1886  [no graduates or closing exercises, due to "recent reorganization"]
1887  [no graduates?]
June 19, 1888  Major Henry E. Alvord, President, Maryland Agricultural College
June 19, 1889  General Bradley T. Johnson
June 18, 1890  [addresses appear to be by students only]
June 24, 1891  Honorable John M. Gregory, ex-president of the Illinois Industrial University
June 15, 1892  Henry Onderdonk, President of St. James College and former President of Maryland Agricultural College
June 14, 1893  R. W. Silvester, President, Maryland Agricultural College 
General John Eaton, ex-commissioner of education
June 13, 1894  R. W. Silvester, President, Maryland Agricultural College
June 19, 1895  H. O. Devries, Master of State Grange
June 17, 1896  Rev. D. J. Stafford, Washington, D. C.
June 16, 1897  Henry G. Davis, U. S. Senator from West Virginia
June 15, 1898  William L. Wilson, President of Washington and Lee University
June 14, 1899  George R. Gaither 
June 13, 1900  Lloyd Wilkinson
June 19, 1901  Olin Bryan, Baltimore, Maryland
June 11, 1902  Hernando D. Money, U. S. Senator from Mississippi
June 17, 1903  George A. Pearre, Cumberland, Maryland
June 15, 1904  Edwin Warfield, Governor of Maryland
June 14, 1905  Dr. Ira Remsen, Johns Hopkins University
June 13, 1906  Isaac Lobe Straus
June 12, 1907  Maj. George M. Thomas
June 10, 1908  Austin L. Crothers, Governor of Maryland
June 16, 1909  Judge Charles W. Heuisler, Baltimore, Maryland
June 15, 1910  Eugene O'Dunne, Deputy State's Attorney, Baltimore, Maryland
June 14, 1911  J. Harry Covington
June 12, 1912  W. T. Warburton
June 18, 1913  Dr. P. P. Claxton, U. S. Commissioner of Education
June 17, 1914  William B. Wilson, Secretary of Labor
June 16, 1915  Dr. Charles E. Munroe, Dean of the Graduate School of George Washington University
June 7, 1916  Emerson C. Harrington, Governor of Maryland
May 30, 1917  Herbert L. Quick, Member, Federal Farm Loan Board
May 30, 1918  Hoke Smith, U. S. Senator from Georgia
May 30, 1919  Dr. P. P. Claxton, U. S. Commissioner of Education
June 16, 1920  Honorable A. F. Lever, Federal Farm Loan Board
June 11, 1921  Henry C. Wallace, U. S. Secretary of Agriculture
June 10, 1922  General John J. Pershing, U. S. Army
June 16, 1923  Alexander Armstrong, Attorney General of Maryland
June 14, 1924  Albert S. Cook, Superintendent of Education for the State of Maryland
June 9, 1925  T. Alan Goldsborough, United States Congressman from the First District of Maryland
June 8, 1926  George E. MacLean, Former Chancellor, University of Nebraska and Former President, University of Iowa
June 7, 1927  Frederick N. Zihlman, United States Congressman from the Sixth District of Maryland
June 2, 1928  Theodore E. Burton, United States Congressman from Ohio
June 11, 1929  R. W. Dunlap, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture
June 10, 1930  James Brown Scott, Secretary, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
June 9, 1931  Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of Maryland
June 4, 1932  Dr. John H. Finley, Associate Editor, New York Times
June 3, 1933  Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of Maryland
June 2, 1934  Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of Maryland
June 1, 1935  Harry W. Nice, Governor of Maryland
June 6, 1936  Charles Henry Davis
June 5, 1937  Millard E. Tydings, U. S. Senator from Maryland
June 4, 1938  Dr. Gilbert H. Grosvenor, President, National Geographic Society
June 3, 1939  Herbert R. O'Conor, Governor of Maryland
June 1, 1940  Dr. Thomas Parran, Jr., Surgeon General, United States Public Health Service
June 7, 1941 Paul V. McNutt, Administrator, Federal Security Agency
May 30, 1942 Right Reverend Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen, Professor of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America
February 4, 1943 Sumner Welles, Under Secretary of State
May 29, 1943  George L. Radcliffe, U. S. Senator from Maryland
September 30, 1943  Major General Milton A. Reckord
December 22, 1943  J. Harold Sothoron, Maryland State Senate
March 25, 1944  Theodore R. McKeldin, Mayor, City of Baltimore
Lansdale G. Sasscer, U. S. Congressman
June 28, 1944  Roger Whiteford
September 28, 1944  Dr. John C. Krantz, Jr., Professor of Pharmacology, School of Medicine
December 22, 1944  [no speaker listed in program]
March 26, 1945  Wendell E. Dunn, Principal, Forest Park High School
June 27, 1945  Sam Rayburn, Speaker of the House of Representatives
June 8, 1946  Galo Plaza, Ambassador of Ecuador
June 7, 1947  William Preston Lane, Jr., Governor of Maryland
June 5, 1948  William Preston, Lane, Jr., Governor of Maryland
June 4, 1949  Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr., Mayor of Baltimore City
William Preston Lane, Jr., Governor of Maryland
Dr. Willard E. Givens, Executive Secretary of National Education Association
June 10, 1950  Eric A. Johnston, President, Motion Picture Association of America
June 9, 1951  Malcolm R. Giles, Director-General, Loyal Order of Moose
June 7, 1952  Theodore R. McKeldin, Governor of Maryland
June 6, 1953  Neil H. Swanson, Executive Editor, Baltimore Sunpapers
June 5, 1954  Lieutenant General Emmitt O'Donnell, Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel, Headquarters United States Air Force
June 4, 1955  Dr. Vernon W. Lippard, Dean of the Yale University School of Medicine
June 9, 1956  Dr. John William Gardner, President, Carnegie Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York
June 8, 1957  Dr. George Keith Funston, President, New York Stock Exchange
June 7, 1958  Dr. Milton S. Eisenhower, President, Johns Hopkins University
June 6, 1959  J. Millard Tawes, Governor of Maryland
June 4, 1960  Fred A. Seaton, Secretary of the Interior
June 10, 1961  Luther H. Hodges, Secretary of Commerce
June 9, 1962  Thomas B. McCabe, Chairman of the Board, Scott Paper Company
June 8, 1963  Lyndon B. Johnson, Vice President of the United States
June 6, 1964  Stuart T. Saunders, Chairman of the Board, Pennsylvania Railroad Company
June 5, 1965  Hubert H. Humphrey, Vice President of the United States
June 4, 1966  Dr. John A. Hannah, President, Michigan State University
June 3, 1967  Spiro T. Agnew, Governor of Maryland
June 8, 1968  James B. Reston, Executive Editor, New York Times
June 7, 1969  Edmund S. Muskie, United States Senator from Maine
January 22, 1970  Dr. John T. Caldwell, Chancellor, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
June 6, 1970  Dr. Logan Wilson, President, American Council on Education
January 25, 1971  Rogers C. B. Morton, U. S. Congressman from Maryland
June 5, 1971  Dr. John E. Corbally, Jr., President Designate of the University of Illinois
January 24, 1972  Dr. Alexander Heard, Chancellor, Vanderbilt University
June 3, 1972  Mrs. Lucy Wilson Benson, President, League of Women Voters of the United States
December 21, 1972  Dr. Steven Muller, President, Johns Hopkins University
May 19, 1973 Howard K. Smith [broadcast  journalist]
December 22, 1973 David R. Brower
May 12, 1974 Ralph Waldo Ellison [author of The Invisible Man]
December 20, 1974 Dr. Stephen K. Bailey
May 11, 1975  Dr. Ronald Berman, Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities
December 21, 1975  Dr. Russell E. Train
May 15, 1976  Sir Peter Ramsbotham KCMG, The Ambassador to the United States from Great Britain
December 17, 1976  Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer
May 14, 1977  Herbert L. Block
December 19, 1977  Isaac Asimov [scientist and author]
May 19, 1978  Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President of the University of Maryland
December 18, 1978  Ernest L. Boyer, United States Commissioner of Education
May 18, 1979  Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, Chairman of the Board, National Broadcasting Co.
December 18, 1979  Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr., Director Emeritus, Washington Bureau of the NAACP
May 16, 1980  Katharine Graham, Chairman of the Board and Executive Officer, The Washington Post Company
December 22, 1980  Ray Marshall, Secretary of the United States Department of Labor
May 15, 1981  Paul S. Sarbanes, United States Senator from Maryland
December 22, 1981  William Donald Schaefer, Mayor of the City of Baltimore
May 14, 1982  Dr. John B. Slaughter, Director, National Science Foundation
December 22, 1982  Dr. Alice Mitchell Rivlin, Director of the U. S. Congressional Budget Office
May 23, 1983  Dr. Robert M. White, President, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
December 23, 1983  Benjamin R. Civiletti, Former Attorney General of the United States
May 24, 1984  William J. Raspberry, The Washington Post
December 21, 1984  Terry Sanford, President, Duke University
May 23, 1985  Peter F. O'Malley, Former Chairman, Board of Regents, University of Maryland
December 20, 1985 Dr. John A. DiBiaggio, President, Michigan State University
May 27, 1986  Right Reverend John T. Walker, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, D. C., and Dean of the Washington Cathedral
December 23, 1986  Dr. Ira Michael Heyman, Chancellor, University of California at Berkeley
May 26, 1987  Peter V. Ueberroth, Commissioner of Baseball
December 22, 1987  Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S. J., President, Georgetown University
May 24, 1988  Hugh Downs, Host, ABC's "20/20"
December 23, 1988  Steny H. Hoyer, U. S. Congressman from Maryland
May 25, 1989  Dr. Joel O. Conarroe, President, Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
December 22, 1989  Marian Wright Edelman, Director, Children's Defense Fund
May 24, 1990  J. Carter Brown, Director, National Gallery of Art
May 23, 1991  Dr. Kathryn J. Mohrman, Administrative Dean, Undergraduate Studies
December 20, 1991  Professor Ralph Bennett, School of Architecture
May 19, 1992  Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. [comedian and entertainer]
December 22, 1992  Norman R. Augustine, Chief Executive Officer, Martin Marietta Corporation
May 20, 1993  Dr. Frank M. Snowden, Jr., [classicist and educator]
December 23, 1993  Dr. Linda S. Wilson, President, Radcliffe College
May 19, 1994  Mrs. Jehan Sadat [former First Lady of Egypt, Fellow at the University of Maryland at College Park Center for International Development and
Conflict Management]
December 22, 1994  Alfred W. Alberts, Research Scientist, Merck & Co.
May 19, 1995  Carl T. Rowan [journalist and author]
December 22, 1995  Robert B. Reich, U. S. Secretary of Labor
May 23, 1996  First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
December 20, 1996  Dr. Michael Guillen [science editor for ABC's "Good Morning, America"], and Muppets Kermit the Frog and Elmo
May 22, 1997  Bill Bradley, former U. S. Senator from New Jersey and Distinguished Leadership Scholar of the University of Maryland at College Park Academy of Leadership
December 21, 1997  Leonard J. Elmore, Class of 1978, lawyer and sports commentator
May 22, 1998  Madeleine Korbel Albright, U. S. Secretary of State
December 20, 1998  Captain Scott F. O'Grady, U. S. Air Force
May 24, 1999  James Carville and Mary Matalin, political commentators and consultants
December 23, 1999 Norman "Boomer" Esiason, Class of 1984, former professional football player and television broadcaster
May 25, 2000 Kweisi Mfume, former U. S. Congressman from Maryland and president of the national NAACP
December 21, 2000 John S. Hendricks, founder, chair, and chief executive officer of Discovery Communications, Inc.
May 24, 2001 Parris N. Glendening, Governor of Maryland
December 20, 2001 Dr. David Satcher, U. S. Surgeon General
May 23, 2002 William K. Marimow, editor and senior vice president of The Baltimore Sun and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner
December 22, 2002 Dr. Dorothy Irene Height, civil rights leader and President Emeritus of the National Council of Negro Women
May 22, 2003 Franklin Delano Raines, Chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae
December 20, 2003 Sergy Brin, Class of 1993, Co-founder of Google Technology, Inc.
May 20, 2004 Thomas Ridge, U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security
December 18, 2004 Chris Van Hollen, U. S. Congressman from Maryland's 8th District
May 21, 2005 Andrea Mitchell, NBC News Correspondent
December 21, 2005 John E. Splaine, Department of Education Policy and Leadership
May 21, 2006 Paul Sarbanes, United States Senator from Maryland
December 20 , 2006 Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way of America
May 20 , 2007 The Honorable Steny Hoyer (Class of 1963), U.S. House of Representatives
December 19 , 2007 Tim Kurkjian, Senior Writer, ESPN The Magazine and, Analyst/Reporter ESPN TV
May 22 , 2008 Carl Bernstein, Pulitzer Prize-winning jounrnalist and author
December 20, 2008 Dr. John C. Mather, Senior Astrophysicist at the Goddard Space Flight Center and co-winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics
May 21, 2009 Leon F. Panetta, Director, Central Intelligence Agency
December 19, 2009*

January 24, 2010
James Pitts, Corporate Vice President and President of the Electronic Systems Sector of the Northrop Grumman Corporation
*-originally scheduled for this date, but was rescheduled to January 2010 after a massive snowstorm closed campus; believed to be the first time commencement has ever been cancelled

May 20, 2010 Victoria Kennedy, president and co-founder of Common Sense about Kids and Guns
December 18, 2010 Craig A. Thompson, University of Maryland alumnus, lawyer, author, and active community servant
May 19, 2011 DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the National Football League Players Association
December 21, 2011 Richard R. Arnold II, University of Maryland alumnus and NASA astronaut who flew to the International Space Station on the 28th mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery
May 20, 2012 John Berry, University of Maryland alumnus and director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Click here to watch a video of his speech.
December 19, 2012 Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr., retired Navy Captain, naval test pilot, NASA shuttle pilot, and chair of the Naval Academy's aerospace engineering department
May 19, 2013 Cal Ripken, Jr., former shortstop and third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles
December 21, 2013 Sylvester James Gates, Jr., University of Maryland physics professor and 2013 National Medal of Science recipient