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Frequently Used Sources


Provides full-text reports on a wide range of market research studies, analyzing market sizes and trends, market segmentation, consumer attitudes and purchasing habits, opportunities, weaknesses and the future of the market. Note: To download reports, authorized users are required to create a personal account.


Provides Industry market research reports on U.S. industries, US Specialized Industries, China Industries, Global Industries, U.S. Risk Ratings, and U.S. Business Environment Profiles, also available through vSmith.


Note: This resource requires a campus login for access.

Provides comparative statistics for 205 countries on economic indicators, health, foreign trade, environment, lifestyle, industrial and agricultural output, communications, and more. Also includes market size data for over 300 consumer products and services.

Business Source Complete

Note: To access Company Profiles, click on link from the "More" option menu top of screen (in the blue band) to search for Company profiles by Company name.

Comprehensive database of business sources — includes over 3600 peer reviewed journals, trade publications, magazines, books, case studies, Company profiles, SWOT analysis, etc.


Note: see MRI/Simmons Insights Platform 


MRI/Simmons Insights Platform (formerly known as University Internet Reporter)

Provides raw data dealing with the demographics and lifestyles of consumers and media audiences. Information includes consumer demographics, psychographics/lifestyles, Product and brand usage, media preferences.

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--On campus: connect from any machine wired (office machine or labs) or wireless on UMD network. Point your browser to the link below, click on "Proceed" on the left side menu

--From launch the student desktop and click on   - for help click:   (vSmith help documentation)

--Remote access: Connect to UM GlobalProtect UMD VPN; Select the "TunnelAll Gateway" option; click on




Contains extensive data including demographic, historic census, health, real estate, housing, employment, as well as marketing data from Mediamark Research (MRI), Simmons Research, Experian MOSAIC-consumer lifestyle segmentation and Nielsen PRIZM - demographics and consumer lifestyle data (over 70,000 variables). Users can create customized maps and reports; data is down to the census tract level. Click on "Sign in as a guest" to use database.