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Reflection Space

The 3214 alcove serves as McKeldin Library’s designated reflection space. Located on the southwest side of the third floor, it provides members of the University of Maryland community with a quiet space for meditation, reflection, or prayer.

Guidelines for using this space: 

  • It is a common area, so more than one person may use it at a time and in different ways.
  • Be respectful of others using this space. Quiet, not silence, is expected.
  • Minimize distractions by silencing cell phones and other electronic devices.  
  • It is not intended for sleeping, studying, or meetings. The Libraries have other dedicated spaces for these purposes.
  • Leave the space as you found it. Remove any personal belongings; do not remove any of the room’s furnishings.
  • Follow the Libraries’ Code of Conduct, which governs all our spaces. 

Other campus units also provide resources to help students manage stress and promote relaxation. For example, the University Health Center offers meditation podcasts and stress management consultations

We are always interested in improving our services and spaces. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

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Floor plan for third floor
Floor 3 Plan, showing Reflection Space on the southwest side
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