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UMD Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund

*Funds have been exhausted for 2015-2016. Check back Fall 2016.*

The UMD Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund improves access to research produced at the University of Maryland and:

  • enables authors to retain their copyrights
  • accelerates the online availability of peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles generated by UMD researchers
  • raises campus awareness about the benefits of open access
  • covers article processing charges (APCs) levied by peer-reviewed open access journals

Who is eligible?
Any UMD faculty member, post-doctoral researcher, or currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate student whose article has been accepted may apply for funding.

What articles are covered?
Funds are available for open access journals, which are journals that do not charge a fee for institutions, libraries or readers for access to the content, and do not have an embargo period for access. This includes:

  • All journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals that allow authors to retain distribution rights
  • Members of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) or demonstrate its adherence to the Code of Conduct
  • Journals that have publicly available a standard article fee schedule
  • Journals that have a policy to substantially waive fees in case of economic hardship

Journals with a hybrid open-access model or delayed open-access model are not eligible. Subscription-based journals that charge a fee, sometimes called an “author’s choice” or “open choice” fee, to make single articles available by open access are also not eligible. Any authors who are unsure as to whether or not a particular journal is eligible should contact Terry Owen, or (301) 314-1328, prior to submitting an article for publication.

Reimbursement will cover only direct costs for open access publication (not the cost of reprints, color illustration fees, non-OA page charges, web hosting for self-archiving, etc.).

Reimbursement will be available only in cases where the authors do not have adequate grant or contract funding specifically designated to cover author fees. Authors with funding designated to cover publication costs such as author fees from grants, contracts, or other institutional funds are asked to use those funds first and to allow others to share in the benefit of open publications.

Maximum Levels of Reimbursement
In order to include as many authors as possible while covering typical costs, the following limits apply to support awards for each author:
    Article cap – maximum funding per article is $3000
    Author cap – one funded article per fiscal year

Applicant must be listed as one of the authors and article must indicate UMD affiliation.

Reimbursement will be made once the article has been accepted for publication and the author has been invoiced for the submission fee.  Once the application is approved, authors must provide a copy of the publisher’s invoice.

Author must also provide a full bibliographic citation plus a copy of the funded article, either author’s final version or the published version, for deposit in DRUM (Digital Repository at the University of Maryland).

Authors shall add an acknowledgment to all articles sponsored by the fund, such as:
    Funding for Open Access provided by the UMD Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund.
    Partial funding for Open Access provided by the UMD Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund.


*Funds have been exhausted for 2015-2016. Check back Fall 2016.*


Contact Terry Owen, or (301) 314-1328, if you have any questions about the Open Access Publishing Fund.