Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Prange Collection contains 13,799 magazine titles issued during the immediate post-World War II years, 1945-49. These titles include magazines that were published prior to the war and continued into the postwar period, those that were launched during the postwar period and continue to be published today (Sekai is an example) and those with a small circulation that were short-lived. They range from general magazines to technical magazines; from kasutori magazines that were a product of the postwar period to children’s school and science magazines that were intended to lead young minds into a new era.

The Magazine Collection has been microfilmed. The microfiche are available in the East Asia Collection, McKeldin Library.  (EASIA JPNREF PN5407.P4G67 1993). 

The following institutions also hold the full set of microfilms: