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The Special Collections and University Archives exhibition program features thematic displays of our unique. The exhibits focus on a wide range of subjects and are composed of books, manuscripts, ephemera, three-dimensional objects, and multi-media items. Special Collections and University Archives also sponsors a number of outreach programs in support of our major Maryland Room Gallery Exhibits.


Find exhibits in our main gallery, throughout the reading room and online. Visit us on the first floor of Hornbake Library

All exhibits are free to the public.

Current Exhibit

Alice: 150 Years and Counting

Alice: 150 Years and Counting...

October 2015 - Summer 2016

Featuring over 150 books, records, advertisements, and other items on loan from local collectors August and Clare Imholtz. The exhibit includes examples of early Alice publications as well as a variety of illustrations from all over the world - a testament to the far-reaching influence of Carroll's legacy.

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Upcoming Exhibit

Frederick Douglass and Wye House: Archaeology and African American Culture in Maryland

Fall 2016 - Summer 2017

As a child, Frederick Douglass lived as a slave at Wye House Plantation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Join us during the 2016/17 academic year, as we feature an exhibition of the objects related to the people who lived at Wye House.

Beyond the Battle

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Beyond the Battle: Bladensburg Rediscovered

How do we remember the past?  What makes a place historic?  Why have we ignored Bladensburg while celebrating the story of other, more picturesque places?  These are some of the issues explored in this exhibit.  The bicentennial of the Battle of Bladensburg in the War of 1812 is an ideal occasion to reexamine our answers to these questions.   Bladensburg’s story has its dark sides, but by reconnecting with its forgotten past, we preserve something more than history – we preserve an understanding of the complex processes and contradictions that forged the nation we know today.

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