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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
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ENGL 101: Academic Writing

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The program is divided into two sessions.  Each session builds essential research skills and cultivates an understanding of rhetorical analysis. 

 Library Instruction Sessions

Session 1:

 Stasis Theory Quadrant - Students are divided into groups and assigned a predetermined topic.  They are asked to construct an argument of inquiry using the Stasis Theory Quadrant below.



•    What is the problem/issue?
•    What are the basic facts?   


•    What kind of problem/issue is it?
•    What is influencing our definition of this problem / issue?


•    How serious is the problem/issue?
•    Whom might it affect (stakeholders)?   


•    What further information do you need about this problem?
•    What aspect of the problem are you interested in researching?

 Quadrant topics are discussed among groups and then students collaboratively develop a list of synonyms related to the topic. 

Students are introduced to various search engines and article databases that provide scholarly and popular resources. Small groups are given a topic to examine and assess. Discussion on authority and validation of sources. 

Session 2 (optional, but encouraged):

Students are grouped by overarching topics for discussion and analysis of their work.  Examination of additional resources student may incorporate into their research process.  Emphasizes the integral role of the Libraries in the inquiry and research process. 


For additional resources, please use the ENGL101 LibGuide or email Teaching & Learning Services directly (