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ENGL 101: Academic Writing

What is ENGL 101 - Academic Writing?

This course is a rigorous introduction to college level writing, coordinated by the University of Maryland's Academic Writing Program. It teaches undergraduate students how to construct and develop topics, analyze and create arguments, use and represent research sources, and revise and improve their prose. ENGL 101 is a CORE Fundamental Studies course required in order to graduate. [3 credit course. Offered every fall, spring & summer semester]


How do the libraries support ENGL 101?

Library Day is the name given to the information literacy program that the Libraries' have developed for this course.

Library Day is a hands-on session that supports the goals of the ENGL 101 curriculum. Library Day introduces first-year students to research resources and search skills so that they may effectively find credible information for their ENGL 101 papers. These sessions take place during a regular ENGL 101 class period, which are either 50 or 75 minutes in length. All Library Day sessions are taught in a McKeldin Library instruction lab. These sessions are taught by librarians and by specially trained graduate students.

For additional information on the content of Library Day, and if you are an ENGL 101 instructor on preparing for your session, please visit Library Day: The Details


How big is the Library Day program?

The Libraries teach approximately 3,500 first-year students in 165 classes per year. This is the Libraries' largest and longest running information literacy program for freshman. These statistics may vary.


What are the student learning outcomes for Library Day?

After attending a Library Day session, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate their understanding of what kinds of materials may be found in WorldCat UMD, and how to interpret a catalog record. [ACRL Standard 1 (2b, 2c)]
  2. Choose appropriate databases in Research Port for their information need.
    [ACRL Standard 1 (2b, 2c)]
  3. Determine the key concepts in a research question, and brainstorm synonyms in order to discover relevant information on their topic.
    [ACRL Standard 2 (2 & 4)]
  4. Differentiate between scholarly and popular sources.
    [ACRL Standard 1 (2d)]
ACRL Standards, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes


How do we assess student learning?

At the end of a selected number of Library Day sessions, students are directed to complete an online assessment form. University of Maryland Library staff may view assessment results in Libi.


Are you an ENGL 101 instructor wanting to schedule a Library Day session?

Use this request form. Submission deadlines apply.

Consider assigning 1 or more of the 5 Research and Library Skills Exercises as supplements to Library Day. These exercises are designed to help students gain a clear understanding of several key information literacy concepts prior to attending Library Day, or can be used to help students review what they learned in this workshop.

Learn more at Library Day: The Details.


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