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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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TLC Tech Desk

General Services:

The TLC Tech Desk, located on the second floor of McKeldin Library, offers a variety of specialized services, including faxing, binding, and laminating. Tech Desk staff can help you with printing, large scale poster and three-dimensional printing, photocopying, scanning, and using the TLC’s presentation and group study rooms.

The Tech Desk is open all hours McKeldin Library is open. If you have any questions, please call 301-405-9056 or email us at

Specialized Printing Services:

  • Self-service poster printing is also supported by the Tech Desk. Posters have a maximum width of 36 inches. Common sizes include 18x24 ($10), 24x36 ($20), and 36x48 ($40). For additional information regarding prices, please see the chart below.

  • Three-dimensional printing now available! This is a new tool for us, so these prices and policies are subject to change and we thank you for your understanding.

    Please fill out this form to submit your 3D printing request

    What is 3D Printing and what should you expect?

  • 3D printing is the process of creating physical objects from a digital model. The cost of printing is 20c/gram. We will be happy to work with you to set up a file of the object you wish to print. If the job does not work because of machine or file error on our part, we will be happy to reimburse you or print another model. We are not however responsible for errors caused by other instances, such as corrupted files or improper file formats, unusual objects and other unforeseen issues. For additional information on how 3D printing works, click here!
  • If you already have a file created, it must be in STL, or stereolithographic file format. Builds exceeding five hours duration will need to be assessed by TLC staff. You will be able to pick up your finished model at the desk the day after it is finished printing (varies depending on job length).
  • Printing jobs are currently on a first come, first serve basis. Please let the TLC desk staff know if your job is a rush and we may be able to expedite it.
  • Slight imperfections, such as the small indents and rough edges at the base of an object are to be expected.
  • For additional information, please visit:

Pricing Chart:

Special Paper UMD ID/Visitor Card Price  Credit Card Price

 Resume Paper

 $0.15  $0.30

 Color Paper

 $0.15  $0.30

 Card Stock Paper

 $0.15  $0.30
Presentation & Binding
 Lamination  $1.00  $2.00

 Spiral Binding

 $2.50  $3.00

 Soft Cover Binding

 $2.50  $3.00

 Hard Cover Binding

 $11.00  $22.00

 Poster Printing

 $3.33/sq. foot

 $3.33/sq. foot

 Local Faxing (1st page)



 Local Faxing (add'l pages)

 $0.50/pg. $0.75/pg.

 Long Dist. Fax (1st page)

 $2.00 $4.00

 Long Dist. Fax (add'l pages)