Made Possible by Viewers Like You

Maryland Public Television Turns 50

Tracing the History of Maryland's Only Statewide Broadcaster

September 2019 - July 2020

Shining Emmy® statuettes, a decades-old TV field camera, aging black-and-white photos, and video clips from the best-loved programs over the years. These and more are features of a year-long exhibition, Made Possible By Viewers Like You: Maryland Public Television Turns 50, in the Hornbake Library’s Maryland Room Gallery.

From opening day through July 2020, a remarkable exhibit, assembled by archivists and experts from the Special Collections and University Archives team, will trace the five-decade history of the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting – later Maryland Public Television – and its service to the citizens of the Free State and beyond.

Whether it’s a GoPro camera from MPT’s national production MotorWeek that looks, well, a little worse for wear or some logo-bearing premiums from pledge shows through the years, fascinating memorabilia and explanatory copy help tell the story of the early “pioneers” on the network’s Owings Mills (MD) campus whose creative exploits – there were no computers back then, after all – yielded hundreds of remarkable productions. The exhibit creators have tackled the story-telling assignment by presenting material by genres—from news/public affairs or children’s programming to arts/culture or natural history. For oldsters who recall viewing Hodgepodge Lodge as children or financial news devotees who relished time spent with Wall $treet Week on Friday evenings, the exhibit provides a pleasant stroll down Memory Lane. What’s more, the display rightly includes information on how MPT’s video archives are being preserved for researchers and others in the coming years.

This September, you’re invited to visit the Maryland Room Gallery to take in the sights and sounds of your public TV station from 1969 to the present. And for more information, drop in at MPT’s own 50th anniversary website at