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GVPT 170
AmGov: Long Story Short, 2nd edition, 2021
By: Christine Barbour
ISBN: 9781071808979
Call Number: GVPT170/AmGov
1 available now

STAT 430
Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language, 5th edition, 2006
By: Cody & Smith
ISBN: 9780131465329
Call Number: STAT430/Applied Statistics & SAS
1 available now

BSCI 150
Beyond Race: Human Biological Diversity, 3rd edition, 2015
By: Presson & Jenner
ISBN: 9781626613652
Call Number: BSCI150/Beyond Race
1 available now

CCJS 370
Bleeding Out, 2019
By: Thomas Abt
ISBN: 9781541645721
Call Number: CCJS370/Bleeding Out
1 available now

BMGT 380
BMGT 380 - Business Law Supplemental Casebook, 2019
By: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 9781264789191
Call Number: BMGT380/Case Supplement 2019
1 available now

MATH 120
Calculus & Its Applications - Student Solutions Manual, 14th edition, 2018
By: Beverly Fusfield
ISBN: 9780134463230
Call Number: MATH120/Calculus & Its App. SSM 14th
1 available now

GVPT 280
Cases in Comparative Politics, 7th edition, 2021
By: O'Neil, Fields, & Share
ISBN: 9780393422931
Call Number: GVPT280/Cases in Comp. Politics
1 available now

CMSC 411
Computer Architecture, 5th edition, 2011
By: Hennessy & Patterson
ISBN: 9780123838735
Call Number: CMSC411/Computer Architecture
 This book is available as an ebook at this link
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HIST 201
Crazy Horse, 1999
By: Larry McMurtry
ISBN: 9780143034803
Call Number: HIST201/Crazy Horse
Error retrieving availability information.

CCJS 340
Critical Issues in Policing, 8th edition, 2021
By: Dunham, Alpert & McLean
ISBN: 9781478640462
Call Number: CCJS340/Critical Issues 8th
1 available now

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