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Help with My Account

What is ‘My Account’?

'My Account' is available to current University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) registered users, including students, faculty, staff, community borrowers, and recent alumni.

  1. Use the Accounts button at the top of any page of the UMD Libraries website to see your library accounts.
  2. Click on ‘My Account
  3. Select either 'University of Maryland, College Park' as your campus affiliation (or ‘other’ if you are a Community Borrower/Researcher).
  4. Enter your UMD directory ID and password (library barcode and last name for Community Borrower/Researcher). 

Important: Verify and update your contact information.

The contact information that the Libraries have on record for you can be seen when you log into My Account. Go to the drop-down menu above labeled Accounts and choose My Account from the list. Sign in with your Directory ID and password. Your mailing address and email address will appear on the first page. To update that information you need to do BOTH of the following

  • Contact us to update your information in our system (this change will be overwritten by your permanent UMD Directory info if the following steps are not also taken)


  • Change your information with your campus Registrar and/or Human Resources office. For example, UMD students, faculty and staff should use either Testudo or Ares to change their official contact information (see below). 

UMD students:

  1. Go to the Registrar's page on Testudo.
  2. Update your permanent and local addresses (if both are filled in, the local address will receive mail from the Libraries)
  3. Click Update Address Information and log out of Testudo
  4. Your '', '', or '' email address cannot be changed

UMD faculty/staff:

  1. Go to the ARES home page.
  2. Click on the email address link at the top right to update your email and other contact information
  3. Sign in with your Directory ID and password
  4. Update your email address (Your '', or '' email address cannot be changed)
  5. Update your permanent and local addresses (if both are filled in, the office address will receive mail from the Libraries)
  6. Click 'Update' and go back to ARES and log out

NOTE: UMD alumni and Community borrowers only need to update their information at a UMD Libraries service desk

  • After logging in to 'My Account', under the heading Activity, click on ‘view/renew’ on the ‘Items borrowed’ line.
  • The books that you have borrowed are sorted by due date.
  • To renew a book, click in the check box to the left of the title, then click the ‘Renew Selected’ button.
  • To renew multiple items, click on the yellow buttons ‘Renew All’ or click the boxes to the left of the desired items and then click ‘Renew Selected’.
  • Review your list of borrowed items to verify the new due dates.
  • After logging in to 'My Account', under the heading 'Activity', click on ‘view/cancel' on the Requests line.
  • If your material is ready to be picked up, it will say “on hold until: (date)” in the status field. 
  • You may cancel a request if an item is still “in process.” Click on the number beside the title and click the delete button on the following page.

Note items requested from another institution via Interlibrary Loan will not show up until they have arrived. Please use your ILL Account to check the status of pending ILL requests.

You can save a search or an item's record to your USMAI account by accessing the record in the Classic Catalog (make sure you are logged in to My Account).

Conduct your search in the Classic Catalog.

To save the search:

  • Click on the ‘recent searches’ button
  • Check the box next to the searches you’d like to save
  • Click ‘add to saved searches’

To save an item:

  • Click on the underlined title of the item in order to view the full record.
  • Click the button ‘add to my saved items’ in the top-left of the screen and then click Submit on the next page.

You can then view your saved searches by clicking ‘saved searches’  and saved items by clicking ‘saved items’ in the upper-right of the My Account screen.

  • For privacy reasons, remember to log out of all your accounts.
  • To log out of your ‘My Account’, click on 'My Account' in the top toolbar and then end session (upper right).
  • A warning message will appear: “To sign out completely, please close your browser.”
  • Click ‘End Session’.
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