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Cataloging and Metadata Services

The Cataloging and Metadata Services (CMS) department creates, enhances, and maintains high-quality descriptive metadata for the digital and physical resources acquired or created by the University of Maryland and high-quality authority records in the LC/NACO authority file. We contribute to the review and enhancement of discovery tools and systems used in the UMD Libraries, enabling access to materials through the creation and manipulation of MARC and non-MARC metadata. We collaborate with stakeholders on metadata needs for new collections and digitization projects, seeking to cultivate a seamless discovery experience. We support the discovery and research process through the use of bibliographic databases and knowledge bases and engage in database corrections and collection relocation. Our decisions and actions are informed by the international Cataloguing Code of Ethics. Through all of these activities, we support the teaching and research programs of the University.

Department members use a variety of schema and standards, contributing to their development and application. We share language and bibliographic format expertise and participate in local, regional, and national cooperative programs including:

  • University System of Maryland & Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) Metadata Committee, ILS Migration Cataloging Subject Matter Team, and ILS Migration Electronic Resources Management Subject Matter Team: share expertise in the USMAI consortium
  • Big Ten Academic Alliance Cataloging Partnership: share language and format expertise across the consortium
  • Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC): contribute high quality records and subject proposals conforming to approved standards, which are shared internationally
    • BIBCO – including the Music Funnel: create and enhance bibliographic records for monographs
    • CONSER: create and enhance bibliographic records for continuing resources
    • NACO – including the NACO Music Project: create and enhance authority records for personal, corporate, series, and jurisdictional names, as well as titles for works and expressions
    • SACO: propose new subject and genre headings and classification numbers
  • Library of Congress Electronic Cataloging in Publication Cataloging Partnership Program: act as a virtual Library of Congress cataloging section to catalog forthcoming titles
  • OCLC Member Merge Project: identify duplicate WorldCat records in the OCLC database and merge them
  • PCC Wikidata Pilot Project: create and enhance Wikidata entities related to collections of interest at the University of Maryland while collaborating in a cohort of libraries on common best practices and shared resources
  • Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC): edit, merge, and create SNAC records, increasing discoverability of UMD’s archival collections and their relationship to other archival collections worldwide


Kathy Glennan
Director, Cataloging and Metadata Services

Beth Guay
Continuing Resources Librarian

Beth Iseminger
IPAM Cataloger

Alice LaSota
Music Cataloging Librarian

Steve Quintilian
Music Cataloging Coordinator

Metadata Creation and Enhancement:

Audrey Chen
East Asian Cataloging Coordinator

Sarah Hovde
Monograph and Media Cataloger

Bobbie Mallett
Special Collections Cataloger

Andrea Schuba
Monographs Cataloging Librarian

Lisa Shiota
Metadata Librarian

Sam Taavoni
Persian Cataloging Coordinator


Metadata Production and Management:

Erica Hemsley
Coordinator, Metadata Production and Management

Paul Bushmiller
Database Editor / Copy Cataloger

Jennifer Doherty
Metadata Specialist Coordinator

Tran Nguyen
End Processing Specialist

Aaron Wilson
Database Editor / Copy Cataloger

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