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What We Offer

Copy, Print, and Scan

Need to scan a book chapter, copy a form, or print a paper for class? We can help. 

Connect to Wifi

How to use the internet from your laptop or mobile device. 

Public Computers

Need to use a library computer instead? No problem.  


Need GIS, data science, or statistical software? Visit our GIS and Spatial Data Center.


Located on the first floor of the STEM Library, the Makerspace is home to a variety of creative technologies and equipment.

Create, Edit, and Convert Media 

Find resources to create and work with media like videos, podcasts, music, and more.

Where to Find It

Technology You Can Use in the Library 

Category  McKeldin STEM MSPAL Art Architecture Hornbake
      Public Computers            
      Copiers, Scanners, Printers            
       Lamination and Binding            
      Fax machine            
      Poster Printers            
      3D Printers            
      Laser Cutter            
      Augmented Reality Sandbox            
       Media - Play, Convert, Produce            
     Phone Charging Stations             

Technology You Can Borrow

Browse or search all equipment available for loan

Category  McKeldin STEM MSPAL Art Architecture Hornbake
      Phone/Laptop Chargers      
      Video Cameras  

      Digital Cameras  
       Audio Recorders  


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