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Policies and Safety

Play by the rules and be respectful. Our goal is for everyone to succeed. 

Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for all requires that each user follow this Code of Conduct.

The facilities and collections of the University of Maryland Libraries are shared resources, serving thousands of students, faculty, staff, and community members every day. The Library User Rights and Responsibilities intends to serve and protect all users, with the understanding that current constituents of the university have first priority for services and materials.

As members of an academic community, library users, as well as library employees, are responsible for sustaining a scholarly environment, which the University Libraries define as an environment supportive of learning, research, scholarship, creative production, and collaboration. In the case of disagreement over whether any use of library space is scholarly, University Libraries employees will rely on policy and context in making a reasonable determination.

View the Library User Rights and Responsibilities.

Although the University of Maryland Libraries make every effort to protect the privacy of user circulation records (including books and Internet searches), the Libraries may be obligated to release such information to federal law enforcement agents in response to a search warrant or subpoena issued in accordance with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, 50 U.S.C. 1861, as amended by the USA PATRIOT Act (Public Law 107-56). That law prohibits library staff from informing you that it received such a request.

Read the full University of Maryland Libraries Privacy Policy.

In alignment with the University of Maryland’s free speech values and commitment to academic freedom, the UMD Libraries are dedicated to academic freedom, intellectual freedom, and equitable access to information. To promote the free exchange of ideas and serve the diverse educational, research, and information pursuits of the University of Maryland campus community, the Libraries are committed to providing the broadest possible access to programming, information, and services. 

Read the full University of Maryland Libraries Intellectual Freedom Statement.

The University of Maryland Libraries reserves the right to place surveillance cameras within the Library premises where necessary and appropriate to monitor certain public areas, to deter crime, and to improve safety, security, and compliance. This policy applies to facilities maintained and operated by the University of Maryland Libraries including McKeldin Library, Architecture Library, Art Library, Engineering & Physical Sciences Library, Hornbake Library, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Severn Library, and White Memorial Chemistry Library. 

View the Libraries' Policy on Use of Security Cameras.

Signs and notices posted in UMD Libraries’ facilities are reserved for library-sponsored activities and use only. Posting of non-library signs and notices (including advertisements, images, handbills, posters, and flyers) in library spaces is strictly prohibited, with the exception of space on designated bulletin boards as described in this policy. All non-library signs or notices posted in non-designated areas will be removed by the UMD Libraries. 

View the full policy for posting of signs and notices in University Libraries facilities.

The University Libraries offer public spaces that accommodate a wide range of users. Because libraries offer central, neutral environments that support teaching and learning, they frequently serve as backdrops for photo and video shoots or as destinations to interview a cross-section of students.

View the Libraries' policy on photography and video recording.

The University of Maryland Libraries is dedicated to providing a scholarly environment, which we define as an environment supportive of learning, research, scholarship, creative production, and collaboration. To help maintain this environment, all tabling activities and donation drives must be sponsored or approved by the Libraries.

View the Libraries' policies and procedures for tabling and donation drives.

University of Maryland Libraries use social media platforms to engage the University of Maryland community in discussions of library collections, services, and programs.  We recognize and respect differences in opinion.

View the Libraries' Social Media Guidelines

Collection Development is the process by which resources are made available to users. View policies related to both general and subject-specific collection development for the University of Maryland Libraries collections.

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