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Collection Strategies & Services Division

Daniel C. Mack

Associate Dean


4119C McKeldin Library

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The Collection Strategies and Services Division (CSS) identifies, procures, describes, manages, preserves, and supports the discovery and delivery of collections and information resources that sustain and stimulate intellectual inquiry, learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, and student success at the University of Maryland. We embrace and leverage the power of our partnerships at every juncture along the path of knowledge dissemination, beginning with our coworkers within the division and extending throughout the Libraries, the University, and the state; and beyond the state of Maryland, and with regional, national, and international partners.

CSS fosters the Libraries' leadership in technology, equitable and open access to information resources, and to responsible and effective preservation and curation of collections of a unique nature and high value to the campus, state, national, and global communities of research, teaching, and learning. In all endeavors, we will be mindful of and strive to achieve, with ethical conduct and respect for one another, the Libraries' goals in implementing the University's Diversity Initiative.



Collection Strategies and Services (CSS) identifies, creates, describes, stewards, and provides access to and discovery of collections and other information resources in order to support the curricular and research needs of the University of Maryland's diverse and active community. Through the continuing development and augmentation of our collections, we support the University of Maryland's standing as a preeminent globally connected public research land grant institution of higher education. We also provide information to serve the citizens of the State of Maryland.

CSS leverages its resources to meet the ever-increasing demand for timely access to relevant information for its users anytime, anywhere. We investigate and develop innovative, user-focused models for connecting users with information. We collaborate with partners within and beyond the academy to implement technological innovations, explore new models for publishing and sharing content, and create user-focused solutions for the University of Maryland community, the State of Maryland, and the international community of scholars.



  • Diversity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Experimentation
  • Innovation
  • Intellectual freedom
  • Open access to information