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Open Scholarship Services

The University of Maryland Libraries' Open Scholarship Services (OSS) program offers a range of consultation and services to support the creation, dissemination, and curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) via the DataCite service to uniquely identify each journal article, bitstream, or dataset
  • ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) required for any serial publication

“Publishing” in any medium, whether analog or digital, is a term that can be applied to a variety of different types of content. Newsletters, magazines, and journals are one type of publication. A book, either an essay collection or a monograph, is another type of publication. In the digital world there is often no easy distinction between content and the technical infrastructure in which it is presented. Furthermore, both the content and its presentation may change over time. For example, a scholarly edition of correspondence in the analog world might be a physical book or series of books. In the digital world, a scholarly edition of correspondence might take the form of a single electronic PDF or series of PDF files, or a website, where the content might change from day to day as new material is added, or where the entire representation of the content might change as the development of new technologies, analyses, and capabilities transform how the creators of the site choose to present it.

  • E-publishing agreements, MOUs, and service-level agreements for digital publications
  • digital tools and technologies to aid in the creation and access to digital publications

Limited marketing assistance for publications in the form of press releases and website and other social media announcements.

Creation of catalog records for all UMD Libraries publications, OAI-PMH harvesting for metadata of digital publications, and accessibility to the Google Scholar harvesters.

Our librarians provide expert guidance, project consultation, and technical assistance on all aspects of data management and curation. You can consult us about data management planning, data sharing and publishing, long-term preservation, and related topics. We work closely with faculty and graduate students to optimize data management practices, curate data collections, and prepare data for dissemination.

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