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Open Scholarship Services

Open Scholarship Services at the University of Maryland Libraries promotes knowledge equity through programs and infrastructure that facilitate open sharing of research outputs in all forms. Working toward the goal of universal access to the vital thought we generate at our public institution, we encourage our community to think expansively and creatively about research sharing and storytelling and experiment with new forms of scholarship and scholarly communication.

Explore our program's services below:


Knowledge Equity and Open Access

Learn about Open Access and the University of Maryland's commitment to increasing access to our students' and scholars' research, including ways to make your research open. 

Explore Open Access

Copyright and Authors' Rights

Access resources on copyright and fair use and learn more about how to retain and reclaim the rights to your own research and intellectual property. 

Explore Copyright Resources

Publishing and Digital Projects

Learn about programs and services that can help you manage your scholarly online presence and impact and discover programs and services that can help you to publish your research and explore new forms of scholarly communications.

Find Publishing and Scholarly Communications Services

Open Data

Find information on mandates about data sharing, preparing data management plans for grant applications, and get help in identifying a repository to publish and archive your research data. 

Explore Open Data Services

Repository Services

A trusted academic repository provides a venue for publishing and a secure location for archiving your research.

Libraries can provide guidance on selecting an appropriate, trusted repository as well as hosting the UMD institutional repository, DRUM.

Explore Repository Services

About OSS

Meet the OSS program team 

About OSS
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