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Information for People with Disabilities

General Information

Assistance from staff

Staff of the UMD Libraries are happy to provide additional services for the research and personal information needs of its patrons with disabilities. Library Services staff will assist with the use of the catalog, as well as periodical indexes and reference materials. One large screen workstation in the McKeldin Library first floor public computer area is wheelchair-accessible.

Before beginning in-depth research, patrons with disabilities should contact a librarian subject specialist to ensure uninterrupted assistance. An individual with a visual impairment is expected to bring a reader/assistant if extensive use of resources is anticipated.

Retrieving, checking out, and renewing materials

Assistance in retrieving books will be provided by Library Services staff as time and staff permit. If your disability limits your ability to retrieve materials from the book stacks, it is recommended that you bring an assistant with you. If you are a patron with borrowing privilages at the UMD Libraries, it is also recommended that you place a hold request on the titles you need before your visit so they can be made available at the Library Services Desk of your choice.

Adaptive Technology Lab

The Adaptive Technology Lab (ATLab) is a low-distraction environment equipped with hardware and software to facilitate access to information for individuals with disabilities. The lab offers advice and training on the use of adaptive technologies and works closely with other campus units to address their adaptive technology needs.

As a unit of the Counseling Center’s Accessibility & Disability Service (ADS), the ATLab primarily serves students, faculty, and staff who are registered with ADS. For more information about the ATLab and for library users with disabilities not registered with ADS, contact


Access to Parking and Buildings

Architecture Library

  • Phone: (301) 405-6317
  • Parking: 2 (1 van accessible) reserved spaces in Lot O east of the Architecture Building; curb cut.
  • Entrance: Lower level (from Lot O) - automatic door. Elevator to Library level. Upper level (from Campus Drive) - automatic door. Same level as Library.
  • Internal access: Stairs to mezzanine where part of the circulating collection is kept. Ask staff for assistance.
  • Restrooms: There are no public restrooms in the Library. In the Architecture building, restrooms are on upper level (across from the Visual Resources Center) and on lower level (near Gallery). Both are wheelchair-accessible and have grab bars.

Art Library

  • Phone: (301) 405-9061
  • Parking: 3 reserved spaces in Lot JJ1 behind the Art-Sociology Building.
  • Entrance: From Lot 1, automatic door. Freight elevator at the end of the hallway goes to the level of the Library. From the Tawes Plaza, automatic doors; elevator to the right of the lobby to the 2R level. From Campus Drive (lower level) automatic door. Freight elevators to the left through double doors or use ramp to elevator to go up to level 2R.
  • Internal access: Steep ramp into Library. Stairs to mezzanine where non-folio books are kept. Call in advance for assistance.
  • Restrooms: Public restrooms in main part of building on the same level as the Library are wheelchair-accessible.

Hornbake Library

  • Phone: (301) 314-2710
  • Parking: Vehicles with state issued disabled driver tags or stickers may park in the designated spaces on level G, 1, 2 and 3 in Regents Drive Parking Garage at no charge.
  • Entrance: Main entrance - ramps and automatic doors.
  • Internal access: Elevators and escalators.
  • Restrooms: Ground, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor - near elevators. One stall with grab bar at each location.
  • Public telephones: Push-button pay phones (34" from the floor) on the ground floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor near the elevator.
  • Campus telephones: Push-button campus telephones on the portico and the 2nd floor near the elevator.
  • Services: In Nonprint Media Services (301-405-9236) there are automatic doors, wheelchair-accessible stations for videodisc, videotape, audio cassette, dial access and internet access. Dial access stations with amplifiers and closed caption decoders are also available.

Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library

  • Phone: (301) 405-9217
  • Parking:  Street parking and 11 spaces in the lower level of Stadium Drive Garage located near the elevators of each level (8 in the Center Atrium and 3 on the roof level.
  • Entrance: Automatic door on the Stadium Drive side of the building.
  • Internal Access: Elevator
  • Restrooms: On the ground floor, just outside of the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center lobby.
  • Public telephones: On ground floor, just outside of the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center lobby
  • ATM: Just outside of the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Braille and voice guided system.

McKeldin Library

  • Phone: (301) 405-9046
  • Parking: There are 15 (2 van accessible) handicapped parking spaces between McKeldin Library and the College of Journalism. Spaces require a license plate/DMV tag indicating handicapped status.
  • Entrance: Two automatic doors on east side of building.
  • Internal Access: Elevator
  • Restrooms: All floors near elevators/stairwells. All wheelchair-accessible with grab bars. A private accessible restroom (the "family restroom") is located near the Library Services Desk that is on the first floor.
  • Campus telephones: Push-button campus telephones on the portico and the 2nd floor near the elevator.

STEM Library

  • Phone: (301) 405-9157
  • Parking: 2 reserved spaces in Lot E and EE behind the building.
  • Entrance: From Lot E automatic doors. Elevator to the left of the doors goes to Library level (1st floor). Library entrance has one automatic door.
  • Internal access: Elevator with lowered controls, raised and Braille numbers, and audible signal. Call in advance for access in technical reports.
  • Restrooms: All floors. All are wheelchair-accessible and have grab bars.

Contact us

If you would like an orientation or have other questions about library services and access, please contact

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