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What happened to UBorrow?

The benefits of UBorrow are now fully integrated through your Interlibrary Loan account! 

UBorrow is a service of the Big Ten Academic Alliance (Big Ten) that enables you to search for and request print books and other items directly from 15 university libraries and the Center for Research Libraries, with combined collections of more than 90 million volumes. This collection is fully available via requests made through your ILL account (for all users with Interlibrary Loan privileges).

How do I request books held by the Big Ten Academic Alliance? 

To request an item that displays as "Held by Big Ten Academic Alliance" in WorldCat, simply use the "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" button. Your request will automatically be sent out to the fastest libraries able to send the item.

While you no longer need to use the UBorrow interface to place requests for Big Ten items, you may use it to check the current availability of items at their home institutions (and therefore get an idea of how soon an item might arrive).