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Alumni and Friends

The library is the heart of any academic institution.  At the University of Maryland, we cherish and recognize our alumni and friends who understand the importance of our mission to help every student achieve academic success.

The support and participation of our alumni and friends allows us to imagine what the 21st Century library should be and enables us to progress toward that vision.

We invite you to become a part of our community. Sign up for our mailing list to keep informed of news and to hear our vision for the future.  Become a Friend and join us for events, exhibits and the opportunity to become more involved in the life of the libraries.  Make a donation to support important collections, student services, emerging technologies and vital instruction.  Any amount makes a BIG impact for the libraries as every gift helps all students, of every major and every background succeed. 

“While it is very important for the university to provide students with a
strong athletics program,there is little value in that if the
does not also provide them with substance for the mind.”
James A. Ruckert '53