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The Kiosk Service is an evolution of Course Reserves. 

  • How they are the same:
    • Professors can make their print course materials available to students
    • Course remains on Kiosk shelves for the whole semester
    • Requests for additional items can be made at any time
    • The service is processed through ELMS
    • Materials will be purchased if not held already at University of Maryland Libraries
    • Course lists can be cloned from one semester to the next
  • How Kiosks are better:
    • Professors are encouraged to place whole bibliography of readings and research materials
    • These bibliographies help to strengthen our collection, since we are able to purchase sources directly related to what Professors are teaching
    • Professors can choose whether to keep the Kiosk in the library (Library Kiosk) or have it stored securely in their studio or class room (Studio Kiosk)
    • On a Studio Kiosk Items are checked out to the class not individual, access is self-regulated within the class
    • On a Library Kiosk, items are self-service; they only need to be checked out if being taken out of the library
    • Library Kiosks for Graduate courses are available in the Graduate Student/Faculty Common Room on the Mezzanine Level of the Art Library