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Check Broken Links

Here are two ways to check broken links. 

  1. The Quality Assurance section in SiteImprove: The system gives you a list of broken links on many pages. You can choose to view only the pages in your department or team.
  2. Check My Links, a Chrome Extension. You can check broken links one page a time. It only takes a minute to install and a few seconds to show the result.

Quality Assurance in SiteImprove

Here are the simple steps after you log into SiteImprove

  • On the dashboard (on the left panel), choose Quality Assurance > Links > Pages with broken links (See screenshot below).
  • Right below the Siteimprove Logo (top middle area), choose your group. 
  • Click the page you want to work on. The page view will show you the broken links on that page. 
  • To fix the problem, please go to Hippo CMS

steps to check broken links in Siteimprove


Check My Links - a Chrome Extension

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Install the extension. Open your Chrome browser, add an extension at Chrome Web Store
  2. After installation, a small Checkmark icon appears at the top right corner of your browser.
  3. Go to a page you'd like to check for broken links, click that Checkmark icon. See screenshot below.
  4. All broken links will turn red on your page. Hope you see a lot of green. 

check my links screenshot


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