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Collections Overview

Our collections support every academic discipline across campus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam orci libero, cursus sit amet metus quis, ultrices suscipit urna. Donec porttitor porttitor nisl, maximus accumsan nisi rhoncus at. Maecenas ullamcorper arcu tempus risus vehicula sagittis.

Discover Our General Collections


About our General Collections

Our guiding collection development philosophy .... Nunc tempus cursus lectus, in blandit mauris viverra id. Ut aliquam, quam a volutpat molestie, felis diam ultrices mauris, ac mollis urna ipsum eget arcu. Learn more about our collection development strategy and policies.

Our general collections are especially strong in .... highlight collecting areas of note ....

  • Print book titles: 2,016,845
  • E-book titles: 6,305,0451
  • E-journal titles: 501,5541
  • Print journal titles: 60,900
  • Streaming media titles: 308,256
  • Scores: 61,324
  • Films and videos: 35,089
  • Audio files: 46,796
  • Maps: 10,837
  • Linear feet of archives and manuscripts: 88,698
  • Terabytes of UMD-produced digital content: 212 TB
  • Databases: 350+

as of July 20, 2020

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