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Guidelines for Making Donations to the UM Libraries


The University of Maryland Libraries welcome gifts of books and other materials that strengthen the collections and support the instructional and research programs of the university.

Many of the University Libraries' most treasured, rare and valuable resources were donated by friends and colleagues. Within the Special Collections, these donations include:

Types of Materials Selected for Donation

Gifts cover a vast range of subjects and include materials in all formats: books, archival materials, personal papers and manuscripts, back runs of scholarly periodicals, sound recordings, scores, films, videotapes, microforms, photographs, architectural drawings, optical discs and other machine-readable material.

Conditions for Accepting and Receiving Desirable Donations

We reserve the right to accept or decline materials based on these and other criteria that serve the best interests of the University and the library collections.

The University Libraries also encourage monetary support to cover the costs of processing larger collections selected. Timely processing and handling of materials requiring special treatment are especially dependent on additional resources. A written inventory is required of all donations.

Because of the need to exercise the highest selectivity in accepting materials most relevant to campus academic needs, we provide the following general guidelines for individuals interested in donating materials to the University Libraries.  The following information pertains to gifts that will be considered for the General Collections.

  • Copies of older publications in good condition not currently held and serve to fill in notable gaps in historic collections.
  • Materials in good condition are clean, with durable bindings, and do not contain loose, brittle, stained, marked, or discolored pages.
  • Specialized research materials, including scientific and technical reports.
  • Foreign language publications in areas collected by the University Libraries, primarily in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Slavic, Western European languages and Yiddish
  • One-of-a-kind or rare books, special editions of established works, and other materials that contribute to the subject strengths within special collections, such as university history, Marylandia, historic preservation, and broadcasting


Donors of rare and/or specialized materials will be directed to a special collection's archivist, curator or librarian.
Primary source material (e.g., manuscripts and archives)

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