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Online Textbooks
ONLINE TEXTBOOKS We can't lend out textbooks right now, but check out these free options.
Posted: April 02, 2020
Statistics Consultation
STATISTICS AND ANALYSIS We can answer your questions via Google Hangouts Meet.
Posted: April 02, 2020
Virtual Workspace
VIRTUAL WORKSPACE Access necessary software for free from your home.
Posted: April 02, 2020
Audio or Video Questions
AUDIO AND VIDEO Need help creating A/V content? Schedule a consultation!
Posted: April 02, 2020
2020 Census: What College Students Need to Know
Wondering where you should be counted? College students that normally live at school should be counted at school, even if they are temporarily living somewhere else due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Posted: March 31, 2020
From saving books to saving lives
The Libraries' conservation department donated 250 N95 respirator masks and other PPE to the University Health Center to help them respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Posted: March 31, 2020
Chronicle of Higher Education
In these uncertain times, the University of Libraries provides premium Chronicle of Higher Education content and open access to COVID-19 research in addition to a bevy of subscribed journals.
Posted: March 31, 2020
Consult our experts
Consult with an expert! Reach out to your subject specialist librarian.
Posted: March 26, 2020
Keep Library Books
Keep your books! Rest assured fines and fees will be waived once we reopen.
Posted: March 26, 2020
Library Closure
Our buildings are closed, but we're still here for you. Learn more.
Posted: March 26, 2020
Need to borrow a laptop?
Get the tech you need to succeed online. Request a laptop loan delivery.
Posted: March 26, 2020
Remote access to digital library material
Take the library with you! Access digital library material no matter where you are.
Posted: March 26, 2020
UMD Libraries, here to support you
Read a message to faculty from the Dean of Libraries regarding COVID-19 and how we will support teaching and researching remotely.
Posted: March 25, 2020
Got questions? Ask Us!
We're here to help! Get all your library questions answered. Visit our virtual info desk.
Posted: March 25, 2020
Closure announcement
McKeldin Library and all branch libraries are closed, but there are still many online library resources you can access to help you succceed.
Posted: March 18, 2020
Coronavirus update for faculty
Learn more about the availability of and access to library facilities, programs, and services and how we can support you during this time.
Posted: March 18, 2020
Introduction to R Workshop
R WORKSHOP Interested in learning a powerful statistic software? Check out this introductory workshop to R -- moved online!
Posted: March 12, 2020
Coronavirus Hours Update
HOURS UPDATE Check here for updates on University Libraries policies surrounding Coronavirus.
Posted: March 12, 2020
Coronavirus update from the Dean of Libraries
Read a message from the Dean of Libraries to the campus community regarding access to library facilities, programs, and services while the campus moves to an online environment.
Posted: March 11, 2020
Coronavirus Updates
Coronavirus Updates
Posted: March 10, 2020
STEAM Salon with Natasha Andrade and David Tomblin (Rescheduled)
RESCHEDULED Due to the most recent guidelines released by the University, we are rescheduling this event for the Fall. Thank you so much for your support and understanding!
Posted: March 10, 2020
UMD Libraries Named Top University Library
The University of Maryland Libraries received the 2020 Exellence in Academic Library Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries. The UMD Libraries were recognized for contributions to digital humanities scholarship and its engagement with students, faculty, and outside partners
Posted: March 05, 2020
AR Sandbox Round 2
ROUND TWO The STEM Library has a new Augmented Reality Sandbox where students can create interactive topographies. Dig in and you might win a $50 gift card in the process.
Posted: March 03, 2020
Speaking of Books - Faedra Chatard Carpenter
COLORING WHITENESS Join us on March 3rd as Faedra C. Carpenter discusses her new book about how African American artists interrogate tropes of whiteness to highlight racial inequalities.
Posted: February 25, 2020
Curating Your Digital Presence
CURATE YOUR DIGITAL PRESENCE Learn how to approach social media, engage in online discussions, and share your work as a professional in this workshop. Bring a laptop!
Posted: February 20, 2020