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Remembering the Great Fire of 1912

On November 29, 1912 – the night after Thanksgiving – a devastating fire broke out in the Administration Building of the Maryland Agricultural College (now known as the University of Maryland). The fire quickly spread to the Barracks and destroyed both buildings, along with many student possessions and school records. It took hours for volunteer fire departments to arrive, and the most the students could do was save some belongings and college documents. The campus community was devastated by the loss of their two main buildings, and the future of the college was uncertain. But instead of accepting defeat, students, faculty, and staff united to rebuild their small agricultural college into the great university that UMD is today.

We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Great Fire of 1912 this Thursday, November 29th. Join us in remembering this event by following our #fire1912 coverage.

We will be reporting “live” as the fire happened on the night of the 29th, as well as covering the events in the days after the fire. You can follow all the coverage through our blog, and find our “live” reports on Twitter and Facebook. For more information about the fire, please visit the University Archives’ comprehensive website ( about this landmark event in university history.  Also, click here to see CBS news coverage of the story.



MAC Barracks BurningMAC Barracks Burning