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Online Textbooks
ONLINE TEXTBOOKS We can't lend out textbooks right now, but check out these free options.
Posted: April 02, 2020
Statistics Consultation
STATISTICS AND ANALYSIS We can answer your questions via Google Hangouts Meet.
Posted: April 02, 2020
Virtual Workspace
VIRTUAL WORKSPACE Access necessary software for free from your home.
Posted: April 02, 2020
Audio or Video Questions
AUDIO AND VIDEO Need help creating A/V content? Schedule a consultation!
Posted: April 02, 2020
2020 Census: What College Students Need to Know
Wondering where you should be counted? College students that normally live at school should be counted at school, even if they are temporarily living somewhere else due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Posted: March 31, 2020
From saving books to saving lives
The Libraries' conservation department donated 250 N95 respirator masks and other PPE to the University Health Center to help them respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Posted: March 31, 2020
Chronicle of Higher Education
In these uncertain times, the University of Libraries provides premium Chronicle of Higher Education content and open access to COVID-19 research in addition to a bevy of subscribed journals.
Posted: March 31, 2020
Consult our experts
Consult with an expert! Reach out to your subject specialist librarian.
Posted: March 26, 2020
Keep Library Books
Keep your books! Rest assured fines and fees will be waived once we reopen.
Posted: March 26, 2020
Library Closure
Our buildings are closed, but we're still here for you. Learn more.
Posted: March 26, 2020
Need to borrow a laptop?
Get the tech you need to succeed online. Request a laptop loan delivery.
Posted: March 26, 2020
Remote access to digital library material
Take the library with you! Access digital library material no matter where you are.
Posted: March 26, 2020
UMD Libraries, here to support you
Read a message to faculty from the Dean of Libraries regarding COVID-19 and how we will support teaching and researching remotely.
Posted: March 25, 2020
Got questions? Ask Us!
We're here to help! Get all your library questions answered. Visit our virtual info desk.
Posted: March 25, 2020
Closure announcement
McKeldin Library and all branch libraries are closed, but there are still many online library resources you can access to help you succceed.
Posted: March 18, 2020
Coronavirus update for faculty
Learn more about the availability of and access to library facilities, programs, and services and how we can support you during this time.
Posted: March 18, 2020
Introduction to R Workshop
R WORKSHOP Interested in learning a powerful statistic software? Check out this introductory workshop to R -- moved online!
Posted: March 12, 2020
Coronavirus Hours Update
HOURS UPDATE Check here for updates on University Libraries policies surrounding Coronavirus.
Posted: March 12, 2020
Coronavirus update from the Dean of Libraries
Read a message from the Dean of Libraries to the campus community regarding access to library facilities, programs, and services while the campus moves to an online environment.
Posted: March 11, 2020
Coronavirus Updates
Coronavirus Updates
Posted: March 10, 2020
STEAM Salon with Natasha Andrade and David Tomblin (Rescheduled)
RESCHEDULED Due to the most recent guidelines released by the University, we are rescheduling this event for the Fall. Thank you so much for your support and understanding!
Posted: March 10, 2020
UMD Libraries Named Top University Library
The University of Maryland Libraries received the 2020 Exellence in Academic Library Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries. The UMD Libraries were recognized for contributions to digital humanities scholarship and its engagement with students, faculty, and outside partners
Posted: March 05, 2020
AR Sandbox Round 2
ROUND TWO The STEM Library has a new Augmented Reality Sandbox where students can create interactive topographies. Dig in and you might win a $50 gift card in the process.
Posted: March 03, 2020
Speaking of Books - Faedra Chatard Carpenter
COLORING WHITENESS Join us on March 3rd as Faedra C. Carpenter discusses her new book about how African American artists interrogate tropes of whiteness to highlight racial inequalities.
Posted: February 25, 2020
Curating Your Digital Presence
CURATE YOUR DIGITAL PRESENCE Learn how to approach social media, engage in online discussions, and share your work as a professional in this workshop. Bring a laptop!
Posted: February 20, 2020
Zotero for Beginners
ZOTERO FOR BEGINNERS Need to keep track of bibliographic information and generate citations? This workshop will teach you about Zotero, a free, open-source citation management software.
Posted: February 20, 2020
Make computers work better for you.
UMD Libraries are a pilot site for Morphic, software that allows you to store your PC settings in the cloud. Test drive it on a library computer today.
Posted: February 20, 2020
Speaking of Books - Richard Bell
STOLEN On Tuesday, February 25th Richard Bell, American Historian, discusses his new book: Stolen: Five Free Boys Kidnapped into Slavery and their Astonishing Odyssey Home.
Posted: February 18, 2020
Black History Month Read-a-Thon
READ-A-THON The IDEA Committee, in partnership with the Office of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy is very excited to announce a Read-a-Thon celebrating Black History Month!
Posted: February 18, 2020
Wags for Wellness - February 21st
THERAPY DOGS IN MCKELDIN Join us Friday, February 21st from 1-3pm in McKeldin 2109 for a Wags for Wellness event. De-stress with doggies!
Posted: February 18, 2020
Across the Pane: The Art of Djuna Barnes
ACROSS THE PANE Come to the University of Maryland Art Gallery to view the work of the multi-talented American artist and author Djuna Barnes.
Posted: February 11, 2020
STEAM Salon with Dr. Karin Burghardt
LANDSCAPING FOR BIODIVERSITY Come Thursday, February 20th as Dr. Karin Burghardt outlines ways that decisions within one's own green-space alter plant/animal interactions.
Posted: February 11, 2020
LaTeX Reference Management and Citations
LaTeX REFERENCE MANAGEMENT AND CITATIONS Have a LaTeX project? Have citations? Want to have citations in your LaTeX project? Check out this workshop!
Posted: February 11, 2020
Speaking of Books: Diversity on the Executive Path
DIVERSITY ON THE EXECUTIVE PATH Join us Tuesday, February 18th as Diane L. Dixon, EdD shares her new book about the real-life experiences of 12 racially and ethnically diverse executives.
Posted: February 11, 2020
Introduction to SAS Programming
INTRODUCTION TO SAS PROGRAMMING Interested in learning how to use powerful statistics software? Check out this workshop on SAS, a statistics package you can use beyond graduation.
Posted: February 11, 2020
Help us test our new search tool.
Search is our experimental discovery interface connecting library users to many of the University Libraries’ research tools including WorldCat UMD, Database Finder, and Research Guides.
Posted: February 06, 2020
Speaking of Books - Maryl B. Gensheimer
ROMAN BATHS Join us February 13th as Maryl B. Gensheimer, historian of Roman art and archaeology, discusses her new book about the intricate decorations of the Baths of Caracalla.
Posted: February 04, 2020
How to Write a Literature Review
LITERATURE REVIEW Writing a literature review? The Graduate Writing Center, in partnership with the Libraries, has a graduate workshop for you.
Posted: February 04, 2020
LaTeX for Theses and Dissertations
LaTeX FOR THESES AND DISSERTATIONS Working on a book, dissertation, or thesis? Drop by on February 12th to learn how LaTeX can help you with your projects.
Posted: February 04, 2020
AR Sandbox Ongoing Event
DIG IN! AR SANDBOX The STEM Library has a new Augmented Reality Sandbox where students can create interactive topographies. Dig in and you might win a $50 gift card in the process.
Posted: February 04, 2020
LaTeX for Beginners
LaTeX FOR BEGINNERS Interested in the hottest method for formatting your papers and documents? Register for the February 6th workshop.
Posted: January 28, 2020
Textbooks you can borrow
WHY BUY WHEN YOU CAN BORROW? See if we have the textbooks you need
Posted: January 28, 2020
Library Systems Outage
Library Systems Outage
Posted: January 09, 2020
Brush up on your skills over break
Learn software, business and creative skills through high-quality instructional videos.
Posted: December 19, 2019
Undergrad Research Award
TURN YOUR PROJECT INTO A PRIZE Show off your research project and win a $1,000 Library Award for Undergraduate Research
Posted: December 11, 2019
Good luck on your finals
GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FINALS, TERPS Winter break is right around the corner.
Posted: December 10, 2019
Carol of Final Exams
NO NEED TO FEAR, THE LIBRARY'S HERE Take a study break and watch Carol of Final Exams, our viral holiday greeting.
Posted: December 09, 2019
McKeldin Napping Pods
TAKE A NAP ON US Make your way past Footnotes Cafe to take a power nap on one of McKeldin's two nappings pods.
Posted: December 04, 2019
Borrow video production equipment for up to three days
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION Head to McKeldin's 2nd floor Tech Desk to borrow video production equipment for up to three days.
Posted: November 27, 2019
Relocation of DVD, VHS, LaserDisc, and audiocassette collections complete
To borrow materials, place a request in the library catalog.
Posted: November 22, 2019
Curious about the history of your student group?
UMD Libraries is collecting documents from campus student organizations to preserve their history and contributions to campus life.
Posted: November 15, 2019
Money Talks - How to invest in the stock market
HOW TO INVEST Wednesday, December 4th, learn how to manage risk in the stock market through the use of technical analysis with Dr. Eric Wish.
Posted: November 13, 2019
Family Study Room Now Available
FAMILY STUDY ROOM Need a space to study with your 12-and-under kids? Reserve our dedicated Family Study Room and borrow age-specific activity backpacks.
Posted: November 08, 2019
Learn more about Library Liaisons
You can now see all Department Faculty Representatives and Library Liaisons in one convenient location.
Posted: November 06, 2019
Wags for Wellness - November 15th
THERAPY DOGS IN MCKELDIN Join us Friday, November 15th 1-3pm in McKeldin 2109 for a Wags for Wellness event. De-stress with doggies!
Posted: November 06, 2019
Speaking of Books - Paul Shackel
MIGRATION, LABOR AND RACE On Wednesday, November 13th, come see Paul Shackel as he talks about his new book on the 1897 Lattimer massacre, "Remembering Lattimer".
Posted: November 04, 2019
STEAM Salon - AI in the Libraries
AI IN THE LIBRARIES Finnish Fulbright Scholar Pirjo Kangas will discuss recent developments with AI in Finnish libraries at the 12/3 STEAM Salon.
Posted: November 04, 2019
STEAM Salon - Vestiges of Ice: Data, Digital Tools and Art
VESTIGES OF ICE In this presentation, artist Cy Keener will share his experience collaborating with the International Arctic Buoy Programme to deploy instruments to record multi-year sea ice.
Posted: November 04, 2019
The International Year of the Periodic Table
CELEBRATE the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table. Discover everything about “International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019)” via this website.
Posted: November 04, 2019
Need films for Winter or Spring courses? Make a request soon!
If you plan on using films from McKeldin Library's Media collection in your courses this academic year, please request them by Monday, November 18.
Posted: November 04, 2019
New SGA Exhibit
NEW SGA EXHIBIT Check out the McKeldin lobby to see University Archives materials about UMD's Student Government Association from its inception to today.
Posted: November 01, 2019
McKeldin Library closing early Friday
Due to Homecoming Festivities, McKeldin will close at 5 pm on Friday. Click to see week's line-up of events.
Posted: October 31, 2019
International Piano Archives at Maryland presents "Reflections from the Keyboard"
IPAM PIANO RECITAL Join us for a free recital featuring original works by Rachmaninoff, Dvorak, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Albeniz, and more at 2pm on Nov 3.
Posted: October 29, 2019
Happy Lights
HAPPY LIGHTS available at McKeldin's 2nd floor Tech Desk provide full-spectrum, UV-free light to help combat seasonal affective disorder.
Posted: October 29, 2019
Take the Libraries E-Book Survey
E-BOOK SURVEY Do you love E-Books? Maybe you detest them? Let us know and you might win an Amazon gift card.
Posted: October 28, 2019
Terps Vote
TERPS VOTE Be heard! Head on down to nearby polling places and cast your vote for the Mayor and City Council.
Posted: October 28, 2019
SRW - Systematic Review Tools
SYSTEMATIC REVIEW TOOLS Become acquainted with the tools available to help support systematic reviews. From collecting references to writing your manuscript, we will cover tools that can support you and your team on every step of the process.
Posted: October 25, 2019
DC punk 'zine scene.
Since high school, Performing Arts Archivist John Davis has collected flyers, photographs and fanzines from Washington, D.C.’s punk scene.
Posted: October 25, 2019
Workshop: Endnote Citation Manager
Learn how to use the EndNote and EndNote Online citation management software to import, duplicate, and manage citations.
Posted: October 23, 2019
Research Commons Workshops
Sign up for a workshop to sharpen your skills: Writing Literature Reviews, Curating Your Digital Presence, and more.
Posted: October 23, 2019
Workshop: Zotero for Systematic Reviews
Learn how to use the Zotero citation management software to import, deduplicate, and manage citations compiled from literature searches conducted as part of a systematic review.
Posted: October 21, 2019
Open Office Hours
Get one-on-one help from Research Commons staff on the following topics: Citation Managers (EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley), Google Scholar, ORCID, Researcher ID, Research Impact.
Posted: October 21, 2019
Money Talks: Chris Campbell
On Oct. 22, learn about financial planning and investing with Chris Campbell from the Society of Financial Awareness (SOFA).
Posted: October 21, 2019
Speaking of Books: Sies and Gournay
ICONIC PLANNED COMMUNITIES Join Mary Corbin Sies, Isabelle Gournay and Cindy Frank on October 24th to discuss the past, present and future of planned communities around the world.
Posted: October 21, 2019
Interdisciplinary Forum: The Deepfake
THE DEEPFAKE On October 24th, the University Libraries presents an Interdisciplinary Dialogue panel discussing the possibilities of "deepfakes".
Posted: October 21, 2019
Open Access Week: Wilkinson
OPEN ACCESS WEEK OCT 21-27 spotlights some of UMD's scholars who have utilized the UMD Libraries' Open Access Publishing Fund to make their publications freely available online.
Posted: October 18, 2019
MSPAL Henson Exhibit
INSPIRED! JIM HENSON AT MARYLAND explores Henson's student days at UMD. Visit this exhibit at the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library.
Posted: October 17, 2019
Open Access Week: Slevc
OPEN ACCESS WEEK OCT 21-27 Since 2013, UMD Libraries have helped fund 162 articles published as open access, removing the paywalls for research produced at UMD.
Posted: October 16, 2019
MPT Exhibit Opening
CELEBRATE MPT'S 50th by visiting the MPT exhibit in Hornbake Library North. Learn more about the history of public broadcasting in Maryland.
Posted: October 15, 2019
Open Access Week: Jewell
OPEN ACCESS WEEK OCT 21-27 spotlights some of UMD's scholars who have utilized the UMD Libraries' Open Access Publishing Fund to make their publications freely available online.
Posted: October 14, 2019
Workshop: Intro to SAS Programming
SAS PROGRAMMING WORKSHOP SAS is a powerful statistical package which you can continue using after your graduation. Join this workshop and gain a hands-on experience!
Posted: October 13, 2019
Open Access Week: Hu
OPEN ACCESS WEEK OCT 21-27 Since 2013, UMD Libraries have helped fund 162 articles published as open access, removing the paywalls for research produced at UMD.
Posted: October 12, 2019
Workshop: NVIVO
NVIVO WORKSHOP This Wednesday, drop in at 11:30 for a workshop on NVivo, a qualitative data analytics and organizational tool.
Posted: October 11, 2019
Search Strategy
SEARCH STRATEGY DESIGN This Tuesday, demystify search strategy for systemic review with help from librarians.
Posted: October 11, 2019
Wags for Wellness
THERAPY DOGS IN MCKELDIN Join us Friday, October 18th 1-3pm in McKeldin 2109 for a Wags for Wellness event. De-stress with doggies!
Posted: October 11, 2019
APA Publication Manual Session
APA REPRESENTATIVE discusses the latest edition of their Publication Manual! Join us to learn about important updates to in-text and reference citations, standards in inclusive and bias-free langauge, and more!
Posted: October 11, 2019
Workshop: Curating Digital Presence
CURATING YOUR DIGITAL PRESENCE This Tuesday at 11:00, work on approaching social media and engaging in online conversations among and as a professional. Bring a laptop!
Posted: October 11, 2019
Over 500 Spiro T. Agnew recordings digitized
The collection of digital audio recordings contains 700 hours of Vice President Spiro T. Agnew’s political speeches, press conferences, and more.
Posted: October 10, 2019
Open Access Week: Bhargava
OPEN ACCESS WEEK OCT 21-27 spotlights some of UMD's scholars who have utilized the UMD Libraries' Open Access Publishing Fund to make their publications freely available online.
Posted: October 10, 2019
Prange Collection Lunch Talk
CLEAN MINDS, MESSY REALITIES Please join the Miller Center and UMD Libraries on Tuesday, October 8th for a lunch conversation with Timothy Smith, recipient of a Twentieth Century Japan Research Award in the Gordon W. Prange Collection.
Posted: October 02, 2019
Data, Media, and Society with R. David Lankes
DATA, MEDIA, AND SOCIETY R. David Lankes talks about open access, scholarly communication, and the need for advocacy around data in all aspects of higher education.
Posted: October 02, 2019
Faculty news filter now live
Quickly find faculty news items using a new filter in our newsroom.
Posted: September 30, 2019
Speaking of Books: Jessica Enoch
WOMEN AT WORK Associate Professor Jessica Enoch discusses her new book, in which she investigates how constructions of the home have both affected women’s entrance into the workforce.
Posted: September 26, 2019
Campus closing early this Friday
All campus libraries will close at noon on Friday, Sept. 27. Check the Penn State game FAQ for class schedule and parking information.
Posted: September 25, 2019
Workshop: LaTeX for Beginners
LaTeX FOR BEGINNERS This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of LaTeX, a free document preparation system that is used across a number of technical fields.
Posted: September 23, 2019
Workshop: GIT
GIT WORKSHOP Ever wanted to find the 'final' version of a document or track your own changes without a million different files? Check out this workshop on GIT.
Posted: September 23, 2019
Campus Story Map
CAMPUS STORY MAP Explore the evolution of our campus from 1856 to today through this GIS-enhanced article.
Posted: September 23, 2019
Hornbake Library Open House
Share a cup of tea with Special Collections and University Archives staff at their fall open house featuring items inspired by UMD's First Year Book, "Demagoguery and Democracy." 
Posted: September 19, 2019
First Wags for Wellness event of the semester
THERAPY DOGS IN MCKELDIN Join us Friday 1-3pm in McKeldin 2109 for the first Wags for Wellness event of the semester.
Posted: September 19, 2019
Gale Data Breach
Gale, one of our major publishers, experienced a data breach. Some user names and email addresses were exposed.
Posted: September 17, 2019